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How To Feel Better When Anxiety Oppresses You

“Anxiety does not take away the pain of tomorrow, but it deprives us of today’s happiness” – Leo Buscaglia


1. Keep a diary in which to express what you feel. 
Writing what you feel is an excellent way of venting and the way to observe reality from new and different perspectives.


2. Cut out time to meditate. 
Meditation is an extremely effective tool to help you become fully aware of your feelings and focus on the here and now, an essential step to move beyond your anxieties and worries.


3. Identify, remove and replace your destructive thoughts. 
Negative thoughts have profoundly destabilizing capabilities. Learn to become aware of and replace them with positive and constructive thoughts.


4. Exercise regularly. 
Sport and exercise have the ability to significantly reduce your stress levels and keep your body and mind healthy.


5. Do not forget to rest! 
Sometimes a good restorative sleep allows you to clear your mind and give you new perspectives able to resize problems that you previously thought were unsolvable.


6. Talk about your problem with a friend
Confide in a person you love and listen to his advice can give you new points of view from which to face your difficult situation.


7. Breathe properly
Breathing deeply allows you to reduce stress levels and free your mind from the chaos of thoughts.


8. Reflect without judgment. 
Analyze the events that caused your problems and eviscerate without falling into the temptation of blaming yourself or anyone else. Stay close to the facts: this approach will help you find ways to let your sense of anxiety slip away.


9. Ask yourself how important this problem will be for you in five years. 
Often the problems that we are unable to solve appear to us to be of immense importance. However, many of these problems often no longer matter after some time. Learn to observe events from a wider perspective.


10. Accept what you can not change. 
Focus on what’s under your control and let everything else go. 


11. Do not forget to show the love you feel. 
Focusing on expressing love towards those you love can help you immensely in letting your problems slip away. 


12. Act gently. 
Focusing on the happiness of others will change your perspective. 


13. Remember that pain is something normal and natural. 
Pain is inevitable in our lives: use it as a valuable ally that helps you forge your character.


14. Distractions. 
Do not worry about your problems too much. Sometimes the most effective remedy is to get distracted and leave the mind free.


15. Look at the overall picture. 
Observe your reality at 360 degrees, do not let your mind focus exclusively on anxieties, problems, and obstacles.


16. Ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend who has the problem you have now. 
Very often it is easier to think more logically and linearly when it comes to giving advice to a friend.


17. Accept your responsibilities. 
Do not hide behind excuses or subterfuges, face the truth openly will make you stronger. 


18. Be thankful for what you have. 
To review everything to be grateful for is the best way to relativize anxieties and worries.


19. Learn from your mistakes. 
Make the past become your ally by learning from the mistakes you have made. 


20. Look to the future. 
Looking ahead is a precious help to overcome the past.


21. Take care of yourself. 
Love and be kind to yourself, take care of your body and your mind so that they become creators of your well-being.


22. Develop a plan. 
Defining which steps to take allows you to tackle the problem rather than continue avoiding it.

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