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9 Ways Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Warn You of Something

Many people believe in spirit guides, however, we don’t really understand the differences they make in our lives. Spirit guides tend to show us more than you imagine.

For some who may not know a spirit guide, it’s basically a guardian angel or something like that depending on what you trust. It is the being who watches over you and pushes you towards the path that your mind must take. It is aligned with the source and usually tries to help you whether you think it or not.

Spiritual guides are unquestionably more generous than we think. They protect us and assure us in many ways than you imagine. Your soul guide tells you when something is wrong or if something terrible has happened to you, but you need to know how to talk to them if you need to know their messages.

Below, we will go over some of the ways your spirit guides can try to make you think of something terrible that could happen. If you see any of these things, try to consider the things that are happening around you:



1. The smells around you:

Sometimes when something horrible happens that you can’t see, your soul guide will take it into account. Perhaps something has caught fire in a territory of the structure that you would never really see until it has passed the point of no return?

Your soul guide can give you a whiff of something consuming, be it only for a minute to really awaken your consciousness. While we don’t pay enough attention to this stuff, we should. From time to time, these could be life and death situations.




2. Items that are misplaced:

From time to time, we lose things on purpose. The spiritual guide can move the keys of our vehicle to protect us from disaster by going to work. Indeed, we may end up being late, however, we further see that something horrible had happened.

We would have been in serious trouble if we had left just insignificant minutes earlier.




3. Your memories’ resurgence:

In some cases, we start to do things that we have done in the past without really considering the results. As this happens, our soul guide can show us memories that we have overlooked.

This is basic advice about the threat we are turning to.




4. Feelings of doubt:

Our spiritual guide will often fill us with doubts or negative contemplations. It is not to harm us, but to urge us to tackle things. Maybe our guide helps us to be careful, away from something painful or risky.




5. Our dreams:

When we dream, our spiritual assistants are ready to speak to us appropriately. Your spiritual guide can let you know or show you something incoming in your dreams. Never neglect your dreams. They are much more authentic than you might think.

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6. Strong emotions:

Our spiritual guides will send us strong feelings to make us think of something to come. For example, in the event that we are around someone who wishes to harm us, our helpers can make us feel in danger. This is something that we must never forget.



7. Deja vu:

Maybe you see something terrible that hasn’t happened yet and then it starts happening, your soul guide is telling you that you need to know.

Although signs like this seem incredible, they do happen a lot more than you might think. Deja vus save lives.




8. Electrical disturbances:

In the event that you see electrical disturbances, don’t just continue like nothing happened. There has to be something that drives this stuff. In many cases, they will be accompanied by different signs so connect to your soul guides.




9. Odd encounters:

Our spiritual guides occasionally use others to keep us down or disturb us for a minute. You can run into someone who won’t ignore you and needs to disturb you and who ends up being very irritated, perhaps to understand that if this person had not stopped you, something horrible could have happened.

It’s much more typical than you might think.

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