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9 Things you should Give Up to Attract Abundance in Your Life

We all have toxic beliefs about the meaning of wealth, abundance, and having money. Instead of enjoying and being happy with all the blessings that abundance brings to us.

But starting today, we will stop doing things that are no longer needed and we will bring about change.


1. Stay away from your fears and doubts.

We must give up these fears of not deserving abundance and wealth. In reality, evil appears as a result of what people do with money, and not really from money as an object. We should always remember it.


2. Stop self-destruction.

We must stop trying to continue when our breaks are over. We should lift our foot from self-destruction and put it on the pedal of plenty.


3. Give up the toxic ideas that say life must be a struggle.

Our life is not meant to be a fight, but we complicate it by believing in such ideas. We have to give up all these toxic beliefs and things will change for the better.


4. Stay away from your deficiency state of mind.

The world we live in is actually enough for all of us, so we have to believe it’s true. We must also change our life and our state of mind.


5. Stop blaming.

We should stop blaming our parents, our partner or the whole world for the fruitless relationship we have with wealth. We are not victims and we must stop acting as if we were. We must take control of our lives.


6. Stop thinking that you do not deserve abundance.

In fact, abundance is not a bad thing. Moreover, it is not foolish to allow our life to cover us with many gifts, as well as blessings. We must stop refusing it and start accepting it.


7. Give up the idea that spirituality and abundance do not go hand in hand.

When we say that these two things do not go together, it’s like saying that inhaling and exhaling did not go together either. They cannot go without each other.

To exhale, one must first inhale. It’s the same for abundance. We must allow ourselves to receive in order to give.


8. Clean your vibrations.

Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, advised people to think about frequency, energy, and vibration so that they could find the secrets of the Universe.

By cleaning our vibrations, we will also discover that our true nature is really abundant.


9. Renounce your low self-esteem.

We must give up this need to consider ourselves small, insignificant and unworthy. We have the right to enjoy all the fantastic gifts that life offers us, like everyone else.

We must give up the lack of self-esteem and allow ourselves plenty.

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