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9 Ways to Recover Your Power and Dramatically Increase Your Energy

Normally, we believe that our energies come from the food we consume. However, this is only partially true. In fact, our energies come from many different places, and not just from what we put in our bodies.

The energies usually come from those around us, from our environment, from our ways of playing with the energies that already exist within us, from the ways in which we are moving them and from all the information we consume.

The energies come from the ways we care for ourselves, we reverse the energies we get, the emotions we feel, or even our spiritual values ​​and souls.

All these things are giving us energies and even maintaining or improving those we already have.

These are the nine common and effective ways in which we can dramatically increase our energies:



1. We must separate ourselves from everything that absorbs our energies.

It’s not about adding more things to have more energy. The biggest result will probably come from protecting the energies we already have, energies that we let other different things stink.

We must audit our lifestyle and get rid of food, information, people, environment, music or habits that are negative.



2. Recover our power.

9 Ways to Recover Your Power and Dramatically Increase Your Energy

Usually, we are giving our personal powers to several other things outside of us. For example, we give them to the approval of others, to try to control everything around us, and also to pretend illusion and idols. Our personal powers belong to us. We should stop serving false gods and simply regain our powers.



3. We must eat food that our body will process easily.

Feeling lethargic or without energy is usually the consequence of unhealthy eating habits. Either we eat some bad foods, we do it late at night, or we eat foods that take our energies for our bodies to process. We should eat organic food and feed our body with less energy.

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4. Express honestly.

Perhaps the biggest thing that suppresses our energies is actually not saying what we really feel, not being unique, and not expressing our personal opinions. These bad habits are mitigating our full potential. We must free ourselves to express better, be honest, without apology and convey our uniqueness.



5. Start our morning in the proper way.

9 Ways to Recover Your Power and Dramatically Increase Your Energy

This, in fact, means that we should be sleeping for eight hours, breathing fresh air immediately after waking up, moving our bodies immediately and drinking water, washing and meditating. This is the formula that is super effective when it comes to boosting the positive momentum.

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6. Fulfill our purpose.

One thing that can dramatically increase our energies is to take the necessary steps towards our purpose. Taking a small step towards our purpose will fill us with joy or satisfaction. We must find our purpose and follow our passions. We will unlock our full potential of energies.



7. Going out with individuals who get the best of us.

Those people we often go out with, perhaps with our best source of positivity, or also with our greatest growth limits. We should be with people with whom we are really excited to spend time or people who make us happy or who get our best version. We should be dealing with people who appreciate us.



8. We should do the things we love.

9 Ways to Recover Your Power and Dramatically Increase Your Energy

We are supposed to do something we love. We will note that although it will take us more time and hours than we work, we have more energy than when we started. It will fill us with energy. We should make a list of the things we like to do so that we can do about five of these things per week.

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9. Read books that elevate our mentality.

It is not only with what we feed our bodies but with what kind of information we feed our minds. Many people feed them with negative programs on television or with mindless distractions. We must feed our mind with some books that inspire us and elevate our minds every day.

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