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April’s New & Full Moons Bring an Explosion of Powerful Energies

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The New Moon will take place in Aries, a sign of fire, on April 5th. The month of March may have been a bit complicated because of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, but April brings us back to the direction of Aries, the sign that represents action.

Aries is a sign that not only wants us to focus on our goals, but it also ensures that we act in that direction. This new moon will be a wonderful time to start something new.

Or if you have a wish and want to make one for a long time, then this new moon is the time to turn it into action. Aries gives you all the courage you need.

Now, all that is required of you is to choose, to act and to progress in achieving your goals. You can make that happen. Believe in yourself.

Aries is full of vibrant energy so we can not let it get lost. We must channel this energy into something interesting that will allow us to keep our focus.

Make sure you do not focus your energy on something tedious and monotonous – the energy of Aries can quickly become bored.


Choose something that excites you and go for it.

However, the energy of Aries is a bit too wild and if you focus on something for a long time, you risk losing your focus.

Impulsivity and clogging are some of the bad signs of Aries. We are frustrated and angry during this phase.


If you are angry, inhale and exhale – do not become hostile.

Try to be productive with this fiery energy. You will also have a lot of physical energy – you can try using it too. This will deal with your impulsive behavior and your temperament.

The full moon in April will take place on 19th in the air sign of Libra. When full moons occur in Libra, it usually gives us time to gather.

We will begin to make compromises and adjustments to grow our relationships and deal with issues that separate us from each other.

It is about developing our strength together and giving up the people who introduce negativity into our lives. Libra wants peace and will strive to bring this harmony within family and friends to achieve this peace.


The full moon of March also took place in Libra and it will be the second full moon.

What we faced during the full moon of March will come true again on the full moon of April.

This marks a kind of continuation of different themes. What may have been left unresolved in the March full moon will have its final resolution in the full moon in April.

In addition, the full moon of April will take place at a special degree, namely the 29 degree. This is the anaretic degree – or the final degree of a sign, which is also the point of crisis energy.

It is therefore an excellent end for the full moon and it will bring a culmination of different energies allowing us to reach our goals quickly.

But when so many energies reach us, it can reverse us. We must stay focused and try to bring the energies under our control.

There are many new energies coming your way. Do not let them flicker. Channel them well and you can make things happen for you.

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