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Aquarius Season is Almost Here, to Bring Relief From All the Heavy Earth Energy

On January 20 the Sun travels from Capricorn to the sign of Aquarius.

During the last months, we have had a chain of planets in Capricorn and while this will still be in effect during the 2020 Aquarius Season, the Sun moving towards this air sign will help bring some relief from all the heavy earth energy with which we have been working.



Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by the water bearer.

The water bearer has the unique gift of being able to take the watery emotions of the planet and turn them into the lightness of the air.

The water bearer collects the collective vibrations in its container to clean, purify and restore them before returning them to Earth. We can also reflect the work of the water bearer in our own lives honoring our true feelings and also cleaning through any emotion that no longer serves so that we can feel light and airy.




Think about the ways in which you can bring some lightness to your life.

Think of the aquatic emotions that keep you trapped in the sea and find ways to fly above all this so you can free yourself from the crashing waves. One way that the Aquarius Season encourages us to do this is to get a perspective – a bird’s eye view – of the things that are happening in our lives.

While Aquarius is the water carrier, it is also an air sign, and we can use this aerial energy to rise higher to see things from above.

When we fly high and see our lives from beyond what we see in front of us, we can get a new perspective and remind ourselves that this life is part of a much larger tapestry that is almost impossible to really understand.




We all come to this world to achieve a kind of mission.

We all come here to experience love, to give love and to receive love. We all come here to expand and raise the vibration of our collective soul. And when our time is up, we move to other places, places that we have all been but that we cannot remember during our time here.

Life is nothing more than a dream; a temporary trip and the Aquarius Season, like the 11th and almost final cycle of the zodiac, encourages us to look at the bigger picture, to get out of our own way, and to stop focusing only on ourselves.

We all fall into the trap of being so trapped in our own lives and in our own grief that we forget that it is not just us. Each of us is a thread in the tapestry of life, but if we focus on our only thread for too long, we lose sight of the tapestry. Sometimes, we have to step back and remember that we are part of the whole.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and with the Sun under it, we are reminded of the importance of thinking about others and the fact that all our thoughts and actions are co-creating life on this planet.

Each of us has a responsibility through our thoughts, words, and actions to make this world a safer and happier place for each plant, animal and person and this is the message that the water carrier leaves with us as we advance through the Season.




One of the key events of this 2020 Aquarian Season is the New Moon of Aquarius.

On January 24, this new moon brings the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This New Moon carries the winds of change and will guide us all to see our lives from a different perspective.

Our lives can also get shaken under this new lunar cycle and we can find ourselves walking a path we did not expect to meet.

Then we will have a Leo Full Moon on February 8 that will soften the energies of January and help us feel more aligned as we begin to relax in the vibrations of the new year.




The 2020 Aquarius Season also gives us a taste of what is to come and the end of the year when we experience the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

The Great Conjunction occurs every 20 years and represents a new cycle in astrology. For the past 200 years, these defining conjunctions between Saturn and Jupiter have taken place on earth signs, but now in 2020, it is time for the air signs to take their turn and Aquarius is the first in the line.

After this conjunction in December 2020, the power of Aquarius will be strong and many of the water carrier’s themes will be infused into our own lives for years to come.

Now, as the Sun moves in Aquarius through January 20 to February 18, we can get a small sample of what is to come and how we can embrace the wisdom of the water bearer in our own lives.

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