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Christmas 2020 Horoscope, for Your Zodiac Sign

What defines Christmas for you? Is it the sound of Mariah Carey singing her legendary Christmas hits? Is it the sparkling snow you step on as soon as you open the front door? How about the colorful tree and the way it lights up the room?

All of these things are beautiful and meaningful, but Christmas would mean nothing without the people you spend it with and the emotions that this holiday arouses in you. With all of that in mind, Christmas is a rather heavy experience that will leave an impact on you throughout the New Year. Naturally, you have to dissect your 2020 Christmas horoscope to see what to expect for your zodiac sign.

To put it bluntly, this year’s Christmas is intense. After all, it takes place just days after one of the most anticipated astrological events of the past century: Saturn in conjunction with Jupiter (aka The Great Conjunction 2020 or “Christmas Star”).

As Saturn, the planet of tradition and karma, joined forces with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, in philanthropic and communal Aquarius, it initiated a new beginning that has the power to reshape society as a whole, bringing each of us closer to each other. At the start of Christmas, you will still feel the effects of this aspect as it encourages you to accept what needs to change and accept the major changes that come next.

Apart from all that, Christmas astrology is actually quite warm and loving. In fact, it’s even pleasantly exciting. The Moon will be exalted in a luxurious, loyal, and grounded Taurus, making the gift exchange much more appealing and the ugly Christmas sweater much more comfortable.

The Moon will also join forces with the unpredictable and innovative Uranus as it connects with Mercury, encouraging conversations to inspire each other and long-standing traditions to take on a new tone. Here’s what you can expect in Christmas 2020, according to Astrology:




Get ready for something very special that awaits you under the tree. You might receive a gift that definitely wasn’t on your Christmas wishlist, and yet, that’s exactly what you could have hoped for.

Gifts are meant to be a pleasant surprise, so let this year’s gift exchange shock you positively.





You feel totally comfortable in your own skin this Christmas.

In fact, now is a great time to embrace some kind of “coming out” with your loved ones by letting them know all the beautiful ways you have changed this year. You’re not the same person anymore and that’s okay.





You might just feel ready for a calmer, more introspective Christmas this year. There’s no need to party or do it all when you can just lay back and enjoy all the lovely Christmas vibes.

Let this vacation dip into your mind and remind you of what matters to you at the soul level. Let giving and gratitude guide the way.





You feel like the leader of the pack this Christmas. Your loved ones need you to guide them to all traditions, games, and entertainment, even if it is virtually.

Remind everyone what Christmas really is and feel free to play the role of Santa Claus at home.





Just because Christmas usually means time off from work doesn’t mean you’ve stopped thinking about the next step in your career.

In fact, you could be in touch with a family member who has a tremendous opportunity for you or maybe even show off your sparkling resume to your loved ones, impressing them all.





Christmas gives you a step back this year. You’ve probably been focusing too much on everything that’s wrong lately (and for good reason).

However, there is still so much to be grateful for and positive for. Let Christmas remind you of all the good things that still exist in the world.





Christmas this year could seem very important. It might feel like a turning point in your heart as you recognize all that has come and gone as you prepare for the future.

Christmas comes at the end of the year during the season of death, and yet the lights and colors are proof that rebirth is waiting around the corner.





A relationship could be headed to the next step during Christmas this year. You might find yourself making a new best friend or even formalizing things with your SO by showing off a glittering rock.

Otherwise, you definitely feel the love and loyalty to the people you care about.





What really concerns you this Christmas are your New Years Resolutions because you are really thinking about how you want to enjoy 2021.

This proactive energy also makes you a Christmas helper as you feel ready to give a helping hand to your loved ones and make the lives of others easier.





All you want to do this Christmas is to have a wonderful time during the most beautiful time of the year.

You’re in the mood for singing Christmas carols, playing your favorite board games, and doing make arts and crafts with the kids, potentially via Zoom. You might even want to dress up as Santa and make it quite a show.





As long as you’re at home and spending time with who you consider family, perhaps via Zoom, you’re happy.

This year you feel really moved about what really matters and frankly, all that matters is that you and your loved ones are safe. So pour yourself some eggnog and warm your feet by the fire, because you are protected.





The person who tells all kinds of great stories and makes everyone laugh is you. This Christmas you are in the mood for long and fascinating conversations about your thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

There is nothing healthier than putting down the phones and talking to each other.



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