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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will be Least Affected by the Mercury Retrograde 2021

We hate being the bearer of boring cosmic news, but the first Mercury Retrograde 2021 is just around the corner. This backspin begins on January 30th and lasts until February 20th, and as usual, we can expect some communication issues, technical issues, timing issues, and brain fog. However, for the lucky few zodiac signs least affected by Mercury Retrograde Winter 2021, things might turn out a bit easier.

During this retrograde, Mercury will travel through the fixed air sign of Aquarius, which means that it will interfere with our ability to follow through with mental and social matters even more than usual. Because Aquarius in astrology rules friendships, collaborations, technology, and innovative ideas, we’re likely to see slowdowns in all of these areas.

If you want to avoid retrograde drama, be sure to triple-check any form of digital communication, be prepared for annoying tech glitches, and be super clear about how you express yourself, especially in a group.

Mercury is retrograde alongside a whole bunch of other planets in the sign of Aquarius this time around, boosting its energy so the zodiac signs that Mercury retrograde in winter 2021 will affect the least should be thanking their lucky stars. Read on to find out if you are one of them.



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Mercury is your governing planet, so when it retrogrades you’re sure to feel its effects but this time around you might find it a little easier. You are less likely to suffer from communication issues in your personal life now than you are to struggle with general issues, like getting clarification on the future or understanding new ideas.

It may seem difficult to understand all the opinions that cross your line of sight or to find your personal truth in a sea of dogma.

Try to focus less on being an expert on something new and more on digging into the old pages of your own beliefs. Now is the time to make sense of your personal philosophies and decide what to move forward and what to leave behind with the retrograde.

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There is good news and not so good news, Cancer. The good news is that much of this retrograde action in your chart will take place internally, below the surface of your material world, so it’s less likely to have a big impact on your day to day life with the usual retrograde hitches.

The not so good news is that this retrograde could take you on an emotional journey that requires introspection, vulnerability, and inner strength. But as an emotionally sensitive water sign, you will have no problem riding the waves of your own feelings.

This retrograde can raise issues around personal boundaries, test them, or force you to re-evaluate areas where you need to set them. Take this time to reflect on your sensitivities and find ways to better protect your energy.





Lucky for you, Pisces, this retrograde doesn’t interfere as much with your daily routine so while you should still take the usual Mercury retrograde precautions, you might not have as much of an outward struggle as some zodiac signs.

What this retrograde is asking you to do is find the truth through your spiritual expression. At this time, you may be struggling with existential feelings that are difficult to put into words, which may make you feel isolated.

Instead of trying to resist the feeling of loneliness, lean into it, and embrace your mystical side. Now is a great time to explore the power of spells, rituals, prayer, meditation, or any other form of spiritual connection that can remind you that there is supporting energy all around you.

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