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Comet Atlas Is Coming Towards Earth and It Brings Energies from Far Away

When this comet approached our planet for the last time, the ancient Egyptians were still around, that should be enough to tell you that this comet travels very far. This comet is getting closer and closer to us and in doing so, the energies are increasing.

Of course, some say that this comet is already starting to disintegrate, but that does not cancel the energies that it has extracted from the depths of the Universe to bring us closer. This comet will make its approach closest to us on Earth in May, and we still have a lot to do. Whether you end up seeing this comet pass or not, you will probably feel the weight of its presence the closer it gets until it leaves our region.

While many people associate comets with terror and fear, fear doesn’t just do these things. This will give us all a chance to start again, or at least that’s what we believe because our senses are going overboard with all the energies in front of us. If you are an energy sensitive person, we are sure you can feel exactly what we mean.

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Comets are considered to be an omen of something very unlucky or disastrous.

However, we should not panic. This comet probably comes and goes without revealing a terrible fate to our planet. This comet, by the way, will be an opportunity for each of us to release our fears that we have clung to lately and which in itself are a beautiful thing.

In the past, this may have been seen as a sign of unhappiness, but now, having tasted these energies, we don’t think it’s anything like that. This comet will force us to face things right now that will knock us down and tear us apart only to lift us up once all is said and done. Things are not always what they seem and the death of this comet must be considered as an energetic gift from the universe itself.

While people in the past panicked and thought that the end of the world was coming because of something like this, we should not be so naive.

This comet brings hope and should be used to cultivate more hope given what we are all facing here on Earth right now. Things will get better and the more we use these energies to our advantage, the better we will all feel collectively.

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