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Don’t Miss these 5 Steps if You Are Going Through an Inner Healing Process

Many people believe that there are only two indisputable truths related to life: it will not be easy and it will not last forever. Perhaps the most profound realization that human beings can do to navigate their lives successfully is simple: they do not have all the answers. Well, it’s just ok.

People need to understand that while these lives continue to test them, their foundations and their composition, their source of perseverance will not come from pretending to have the ability to weather lives coolly, but from understanding that others have the ability to guide them through their storms. Although life is good, it can also be difficult.

Here are the five essential steps that we cannot skip when we hope to heal ourselves:



1. Acknowledge that you are hurt:

In fact, the vulnerability can be frightening. This world can be a cruel place for those who have not developed the ability to protect themselves from all of its assaults, so the idea of disarming their minds and hearts seems counterintuitive.

We live in societies that make us suffer secretly and then be sincere with the expressions and even transparent with the realities. To heal, we need to break down the walls that trap our minds and hearts and make us vulnerable. When we do not recognize that we are vulnerable and hurt, we will never take the first steps towards healing.




2. Forgive:

First, we must forgive ourselves. We have to forgive ourselves for everything that we were taught we have to be mad at ourselves for, like not being brave or strong enough to keep the pain hidden and for feeling like we are dependent on others to uplift us in the dark moments.

All of these feelings are actually a natural reaction to trauma. Certain feelings of hopelessness, weakness, loneliness, and sadness are signs that everything we have experienced is real and also deserves our full attention. No human being is immune to such emotions.

We must forgive ourselves for feeling these emotions. Then we have to forgive everything and anything that hurt us. When we hold onto the things that hold us back, we will never have the ability to move forward. We can find purpose and strength even in the darkest experiences.

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3. Love and be loved:

 5 Steps Not to Miss when You Are Going Through an Inner Healing Process 2Love is certainly the most powerful force in our universe. It’s constructive, but also destructive, beautiful, but also frightening, serene, but also overwhelming. When we are hurt, we have to learn to love ourselves. Loving yourself is a fairly difficult process because what it will all look like will be individual for us.

The basic steps we need to take to create our self-love process are universal: we need to reshape our habits, take better care of our mental health and physical body, and isolate ourselves from negative energies.

We have to create habits that resemble everything we love. We must love our minds and our bodies by treating them well. We must not allow energies that hinder our peace. And, we have to allow other people to love us. We must allow them to shower us with love, to allow them to shower us with kind deeds and words.




4. Have faith:

We have to believe that the storm from now on will pass and that our Universe will guide us through the process. We must believe that when it is over, we will be whole again, happier, and stronger.

Every moment is fleeting and every emotion is transient, so as we travel, we will see ourselves come out of our dark space. We have to believe that we will heal. We also need to look deep into our hearts and even explore the relationship we have with our universe and our existence on it. We might be quite surprised at everything we find.




5. Spend time alone:

Perhaps the most difficult part of the healing process would be to realize that we have to walk this path alone. Regardless of the love and support needed throughout the healing process, we must guide ourselves on this journey.

Others can always tell us their healing version, but only we can decide for ourselves. Our experiences and trauma are only ours, and there is no one to truly understand all of the depths to which they affect us.

Although we are our own leader, we must give ourselves space and time to spend time alone without interference from others, even if they have good intentions. When we allow others to enter our healing space, we become aware of their presence, and all that is associated with them, their feelings, emotions, desires, thoughts, and needs.

We must not forget to prioritize ourselves above everyone while we heal. This does not mean that we are selfish.

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