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Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7, 2020 – Time to Give up and Restart

The Supermoon, expected on May 7, will be the last Full Supermoon of the year and it will occur in Scorpio. It can be a time of exploration and opportunity. On the same day, the Eta-Aquariid meteor shower is expected to peak in the early hours, providing an astonishing sight to all astronomers.

The news is a relief for many of us trapped in our homes, looking for hope. Even if we know that the celestial event is not some kind of miracle, it can certainly be an event to remember. Eta-Aquariid is actually caused by residual particles from Halley’s comet, another sight that we can only spot every 75 years.

The stars will light up the sky and be visible over the UK sky. The event is expected to fire 60 meteors per hour into space, and if you’re lucky, you might see a few dozen.



The rejuvenating energies of the Scorpio Flower Supermoon.

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7, 2020 - Time to Give up and Restart

This Full Moon will guide us towards understanding and admiring ends. The cycle is inevitable. The loop continues. Things that start must end one day. But that doesn’t make the ends bad.

This only makes the endings more important because, at each end, you get new starts, with more opportunities to knock on your door. Anything bad can detoxify and purify your soul and spirit, and it prepares your body for the next Eclipse season that follows.

Life is just a journey that we take to understand the self, examine our soul, and strive to transform ourselves. In the end, things make sense.

Endings tend to cause pain which can result in difficulty letting go. We doubt the calm we deserve after a long battle or constant conflict. But when the ends are near, when all is said and done, when there is nothing more to do, it is when you can find comfort; two-pronged comfort. One, where you know there is nothing more to do, and another, where you feel comfortable opening up to the possibility of a fresh start.

There is beauty in the ends, a lesson to learn, and cleansing to do for a rejuvenated start. An end is only a disguised start. It’s an illusion that makes us grieve, but if we really open our eyes, we will see that the New Moon only comes to make room for the Full Moon blooming in the night sky.

The full moon of Scorpio is very cleansing and can help extract things that are no longer used, that hold us back or make us feel trapped.

If we give in to our feelings, if we allow ourselves time to feel what we feel, when they arrive, we can feel a release, as if a weight has been lifted.

The full moon of Scorpio is always special because it means that transformation is always possible.



We have to give up everything that once was.

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7, 2020 - Time to Give up and Restart

But as Rumi says, “everything you love comes in another form.” So try to reach where you are going, but with the promise of a new start, a fresh beginning.

This Scorpio Supermoon will help us untie the strings that tie us and hold us. We will become extra-sensitive but only to realize our emotions to the fullest. This will help us break the barriers of confinement to make room for new dreams and possibilities.

This Supermoon means transformation, to get rid of the skin before putting a new one again, to start again, to give yourself the confidence to make things happen.

So on the 7th, let yourself be immersed in your emotions, rediscover the beauty of past struggles and honor.

We bet you will enjoy the amazing sky show that the last Supermoon of the year with a few shooting stars will perform for all of us. Make a wish!

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