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How to Prepare for the Super Blue Moon on Halloween , October 31

At the end of October 2020, a rare Full Blue Moon will grace the sky on the 31st. Not only do we have a Full Moon on Halloween this year, but it is also the second Full Moon of the month. So how do you prepare for this rare and spooky luminary?



1. Accept the chaos:

Full Moons often come with chaos. With Mercury being retrograde, expect communication problems, and mishaps with your routine.

Before making plans for Halloween, think about the impact of the Moon.



2. Focus on important parts of your life:

As the Full Blue Moon rises in the determined sign of Taurus, now is a great time to focus on matters of romance, value, and money.

The Moon could also shed light on new information that will take you to a turning point.

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3. Expect changes:

The planet of sudden changes, Uranus, will align with the Taurus Full Moon.

Try to be positive and open to any unexpected changes. Don’t cling to your comfort zone and things might just work out!



4. Connect with your body:

Under the influence of Venus, Taurus’ governing planet, this Full Blue Moon will open us more to our pleasures and our sensuality.

Try to connect with your body and do the things that make you happy. Uranus’ influence could lead us to chance encounters, which will have the potential to grow into something bigger.



5. Let it go:

October has been rich in major astrological actions and you may be feeling exhausted already. With the Full Blue Moon, you can release all the heavy energy that you are holding in. Let go of the burdens and focus on growing.

The Full Blue Halloween Moon of 2020 is here to bring us closure. Taurus will give a feeling of grounding but beware of Uranus’ unexpected plans. If you can stay open to new opportunities, the Taurus Full Moon will have a lot to offer this Halloween. Are you ready to make the most of it?

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