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Full Moon of August 15, 2019: Let Your Love Resonate Throughout the World

On August 15 the Full Moon will happen in Aquarius. This full moon is there to emphasize the need to be there for each other, to support each other and to be compassionate.

As we know, the Aquarius has always been associated with humanitarian work. Represented by a girl carrying a jug of water, she symbolizes the doctor, the healer, the miracle worker in each of us, while the water speaks only emotions, suffering and pain that we must bear.



The work of Aquarius is simply to clean this water of all impurities and to restore it to the Earth.

Since it is an aerial sign, it does not keep it in itself, but rather transforms it into something light and beautiful. Its desire for truth helps it turn this heavy and impure water into something pure.

While we all have this energy in us, we will all feel the effects of this Moon, which will guide us on a path of full wisdom and healing.

But there is still a problem. The innate suffering that accompanies it is a major obstacle to our journey to be happy. How can we be happy when we are in the grip of misery? The truth is that we are not alone in our suffering.




When people around us suffer, we suffer too.

But it’s also true for the other side, our love is felt by others and we feel their love. This is exactly what leads to the major and positive changes in this life.

It is impossible for a man to do the work of thousands of people. But you can always join an NGO or a center dedicated to helping the poor.

For now, you just have to close your eyes, think about a group of people or someone you think you can bring a little love, and send love.

It is not necessary to always think from a material point of view – something really sincere also works miracles.

When you whisper, “I want to send my love …”, it sounds in you. You feel it, you believe it and you adhere to it. This is what is needed and it is what also creates changes in our lives.

It’s a good thing, but would not it be better to go ahead and act according to what you like?

Would not that give you a real sense of peace?

Well, this full moon will give you this opportunity. But first, you must change to better adapt. As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Not only Gandhi but Mother Teresa and Rumi have also proclaimed the secular motto: Charity begins with oneself. You must start with yourself and your family. In case you have not yet understood it, we advocate self-love.




Do you like yourself?

Because it will create a ripple all around you, and when people around you begin to believe in themselves and act with love for one another, it will change things.

The biggest benefit of this period is that you do not have to bear the pain on your shoulders. You do not have to let yourself be dragged into darkness.

All you have to do is use your words and bring them to you. You do not have to worry about whether it’s popular or whether people know it.




If you want the truth, you will get it.

Aquarians are always looking for the truth, which would give them the answer to their problems. When you use the power of the Full Moon, you can first simply think of your own life.

Then give your support to others, reach out even if sometimes giving our love, there are chances that you end up being the target of reproaches. Do not listen.

Work always with the spirit of the universe by venturing along with the truth and crossing the path of love, and you will be rewarded a thousand times.

To end on a happy note, there is enough love to reach everyone, so to live this Full Moon, place yourself in a place filled with compassion, peace, and truth.

Let this energy do what it is supposed to do and share it with others. And have a nice Full Moon!

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