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Gemini Season Begins on May 20th – Time for Socializing and Knowledge

The Gemini season will soon begin on May 20. It will start when the Pleiadian Portal peaks and will end with the summer solstice. It will be the second season of the Eclipse, and there is also a retrograde Mercury.

Gemini is represented as the twins. One of the twins is mortal while the other is from a different and immortal world. Together they discover the intricacies of life in the higher realms and on Earth.

Their task is to merge earthly wisdom with the wisdom of the higher realms to understand the world as a whole. The Gemini twins work with knowledge and perspective. They will help you understand how to use the knowledge in your favor.



During this season, you gain the wisdom of the stars and the earth and shape your life during your stay on this planet.

You can call it a balance, where you absorb the knowledge of the earth. You open yourself to the knowledge of the heavens.

Mercury governs Gemini and therefore, when it goes into retrograde on June 17, you will feel the effect. The retrograde will push Mercury through the sign of water, Cancer, and our emotions might go haywire.

Our emotions can even turn on the people closest to us. However, this energy can be of great use for self-esteem and compassion. You could put your energy on things that need your attention.



During this period, Venus will also retrograde in Gemini.

With these two planets becoming retrograde, communication will be at the center. Are you going to communicate the real truth? Will you speak clearly or understand others clearly?

Communication, both internal and external, will be affected. It could even cause communication and relationship problems. If you have to go for a difficult conversation, calm down, and ask the Gemini twins for advice. Be grounded.

One good thing about Gemini is that it is a social zodiac sign. So when you start to communicate, you can exploit your social side, innovate in your communication and thus create healthy communication systems between friends and family.

Socializing could also help you understand your lack of communication. You may even feel de-stressed after healthy communication and focus on wellness. Gemini is also adaptable and therefore, if your communication style changes, it will be easy to adapt to it.

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The new moon of the Gemini season will take place on May 22.

A lot of lunar energy will come to meet you. There is also a lunar eclipse, which takes place in Sagittarius on June 5. During this time, emotions will invade you since Mars will interact with the Eclipse.

Mars arouses many emotions, but it also makes us resistant and strong. After all, it is a warlike planet. So while the lunar eclipse can be difficult, you can get out stronger. Thus, the Gemini season is to communicate with your inner self and develop a better communication system.

With the Retrogrades and the Eclipse, this journey can be difficult, but you can come out fine and strong. You can easily adapt to it thanks to the adaptability of Gemini and make the most of it. So do your best during this Gemini season.



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