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Healing with Mantras: 11 Powerful Mantras That Can Change Your Life

Every word, even when it is pronounced, carries a vibration that can have an impact on everything around you. Indeed, words are energies that can convey and express a profound truth.

Thus, healing mantras are sacred words that have the power to completely change your life. A mantra sung in the right vibration and in the right atmosphere can not only purify your mind but also calm your senses.


11 Powerful Mantras That Can Change Your Life:


1. I know that I am loved and supported throughout the day.

Recite this mantra early in the morning or whenever necessary. Cross your arms and wrap them around your body as if you were hugging.


2. I dedicate all my worries to the Universe.

Imagine taking the heavy burden off and handing it to the Universe to take care of you as you recite these words.


3. I choose to feel good about myself every day.

Recite it by looking at yourself in the mirror.


4. I am exactly where I need to be.


5. Things always happen in my favor.


6. The next perfect step is always revealed to me.

Hands in prayer position. Recite this mantra five times out loud or silently by placing your hands on your heart.


7. I release my past and I forgive myself.


8. Everything I need to heal is already in me.

Recite this mantra six times out loud or silently.


9. I effortlessly create a life I love.

Recite this mantra seven times aloud or in silence, during the difficult times of your life and when you experience painful emotions.


10. This too will pass.


11. I use love to make all the decisions of my life.

This mantra is recited preferably after or during meditation. So you can incorporate it into your own practice or you can use the following instructions as a guide: Inhale and exhale deeply three or four times while placing your hand on your heart.

Sing the mantra eleven times in your mind. When you are done, finish your meditation by taking three or four deep breaths.


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