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How to Heal your 7 Chakras using Flowers and Herbs

According to Hindu philosophy, our body has seven main chakras, all for different reasons. Nevertheless, we must balance the energy of these seven chakras.

Any imbalance in these chakras causes physical or mental problems that will complicate our life. For this reason, the ancient sages used different tactics to keep their chakras balanced.

In India, plants have always been used to cure many ailments. Even writings dating back to 2500 BC spoke of plants and their various healing properties.

In reality, plants have a kind of vibratory frequency that helps our body connect with our mind. They help energize and heal, especially by rebalancing the seven chakras.

The plants help to interact with the energy reserves in us and also help to increase blood circulation. As blood flow increases, there is a regulated oxygen flow as well as the elimination of harmful toxins from our body.

Here are some plants that help specific chakras in our body.


How to unlock the 7 chakras with herbs:


Root chakra

The root chakra is present at the base of our spine. It forms our connection with the earth so that we can receive all the earthly elements and help feed us. It not only helps with survival but is also essential for removing toxins from our body. The root chakra helps us to anchor and live in the present moment.

The imbalance of this chakra can slowly lead to depression, immune system problems, and problems with the feet, rectum or tailbone. The infusion of dandelion root is excellent for treating gall bladder, high blood pressure, and depression. You can also add some foods like potatoes, onions, and radishes to create a soothing effect on the root chakra.



Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is near the prostate in men and ovaries in women. It plays a role in attention, sensuality, and creativity. An imbalance can cause reproductive problems, urinary tract infections, emotional problems, and eating disorders.

Calendula is an excellent plant that helps to enhance the creative side. Gardenia is another plant whose flowers can give a soothing effect. In addition, there is sandalwood that helps heal all types of infections and also promotes the growth of new cells.

Other spices and plants are licorice, sweet paprika, carob, sesame seeds, etc.



Solar plexus

The solar plexus controls our emotions. It gives us self-control and helps us develop our self-esteem. An imbalance in the solar plexus can give us the feeling of lack of self-esteem and lead us to doubt our abilities.

A problem in the solar plexus can cause ulcers, bulimia, poor digestion, and kidney problems. The use of rosemary oil and bergamot is a great way to filter your intestines.

In the Mediterranean, rosemary has always been used as a remedy for intestines. You can also flavor your dishes. Marshmallows also have a relaxing effect on the diaphragm and help your breathing. There is also celery, cinnamon, turmeric, lemon balm, and so on.

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Heart Chakra

The heart chakra controls love and compassion. Any problem in this chakra causes a lack of empathy, a feeling of isolation and a lack of spiritual devotion. It controls anger, hate, and grief.

A tincture or infusion of hawthorn berries can help you feel safe in your heart and strengthen your veins. Other plants include jasmine, lavender, rose, and coriander.



Throat Chakra

The throat chakra helps with communication and expression. Any problem in the throat chakra means the appearance of thyroid problems, co-dependency, communication problems, and insecurity. A feeling of nervousness and anxiety is emerging.

Red clover helps to secure us emotionally. By the way, a study from the University of Maryland shows that lemon balm can help treat thyroid problems. If you want to decongest your throat, try rubbing a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on your throat. Other spices and herbs are peppermints, salt, and sage.



Third eye Chakra

The third eye is linked to the pineal gland and thus contributes to our intuition. If it is blocked, we have a problem of imagination and therefore continue to make bad decisions or to deceive ourselves.

It can also lead to migraines and nightmares. Jasmine, eyebright, and mint are excellent plants to unblock the third eye. The eyebright can help us see the positive and negative side of things and also treat eye problems.

Mint helps heal memory loss and depression. In addition, it helps to develop a connection with our body and mind. The other plants are poppy seeds, mugwort, rosemary, and lavender.



Crown chakra

This is the chakra that strengthens our connection with the universe. If we purify this energy, we can help connect with the divine. However, if this chakra is blocked, we will feel lost because we will not be in touch with our spiritual self.

This will cause migraines, dyslexia, cognitive disorders, etc. Lotus flowers and lavender help us align our minds and bodies and meditate. Stems and lotus leaves are widely used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Lavender is a miracle plant that can be used to solve many problems. On the other hand, these plants can also be taken as infusions. So, start unlocking your chakras now.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to replace professional medical advice.


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