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The Full Pink Moon in Libra on April 19th will Bring Renewal to Your Life

Winter is over and now we are entering spring. On April 19, we will be greeted with the full pink moon in Libra. It’s time to be reborn. Magic energy will be powerful and everything will come alive.

We will have the impression that the magic makes the fairies dance all around us with celebration and will give us their magic charm. All it takes is a little openness and faith if we want to be in harmony with that energy.

Once we are immersed in this positive energy, we can focus on personal care and move forward in our professional lives. There will be a general increase in our well-being and our relationships will become much stronger than before. This could be one of the best moments of our life.


Why is it called the pink moon?

The full pink moon is so-called but does not really change color. It is called pink because it takes its name from the pink flowers, known as wild phlox on the ground, that begin to bloom during this period. It is also called egg moon since it is also the laying season.

The moon of the eggs means that something new is coming – a flowering period. It’s an explosion of novelty and positivity. As the full moon arrives just before Easter, it conveys the message that, although death is natural, life has won.


Here are some of the questions we should ask ourselves when the moon becomes full during this period.

How much does the excess cost us?

What are our limits?

Do we take risks beyond our limits?

How far do we have to go to get what we want?

When is it enough?

These questions will help you connect to the universe. Only we know the answer to these questions. Everything is hidden inside us. Just take a minute and answer honestly. If you wish, you can also meditate on it.


This will clear your mind.

It’s a lucky time. You may have had difficulties at first, but you can reverse this period and make it work for you.

Just show appreciation for this full moon. Since this creates new growth opportunities, why not tap into your innate energy to move forward? You know that you have the power to do it.

We will all be on a spiritual path of growth. The past may be abandoned for the better. It is time for us to move on this spiritual path and start living in the present moment. In the end, it is the present that counts and that will shape the future.

So, if you are ready to take a step forward, be sure to let the energy of the full moon guide you. It’s easy to do. You just have to open up to the healing energy of the full moon and let it become a part of you.

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Embrace the glory that the full moon brings. Plant your desire seeds on the Earth and let them flourish. In addition, this could be a good time to anchor yourself to the land. So, take off your shoes and stay barefoot on the cool ground. Let your energies anchor you with it.

Celebrate the full moon and the beauty it brings. Let it inspire you and clean you completely from the feet. You could even dance and scream during the full moon. But do not disturb your neighbors!

Let the new energy of the full moon give you life. Happy full moon!

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