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How Gemini Season 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Hey, how’s your year going so far? We have been moving through a slow and productive Taurus season over the past month, and I think I can say we all need a boost of energy. Well, we’re in luck, as the Gemini 2021 season begins on Thursday, May 20, bringing us a more optimistic attitude and a greater sense of curiosity.

The air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are thriving for the next month, while the mutable Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are having an action-packed time. Gemini is governed by Mercury, the intelligent communication planet, so it’s a very social time, which makes sense.

New contacts are coming in (check your dating apps and DMs), and you are able to get to know your friends and family on a more intellectual level. Gemini is one of the more flexible signs, so you are open to new experiences, people who are not your usual type, and unfamiliar ideas. You want something, something new!

Life gets a lot faster, but there are a few slowdowns along the way. We all know Gemini has a bad reputation for being shallow or flaky, and during Gemini season you have so many ideas popping up in your brain that your attention span isn’t at its best.

If you talk to someone new or discover a new hobby, you might forget who/what you were originally trying. Oops! Remember to tell your date if you’re not into them anymore, instead of ghosting them. Also, and more importantly, Mercury Retrograde begins on May 29 and will last for the remainder of the Gemini season.

Essentially, this retrograde brings back old projects, jobs, and relationships that were never fully addressed. Since Gemini is one of Mercury’s favorite signs, this retrograde shouldn’t be too unbearable, but still, you’ve been warned!

Gemini season will be an essential espresso to help lift your spirits, get out of the house and start living again. Venus, the planet of love, is also in Gemini right now, which makes for a really exciting time full of new connections and experiences.

Try to keep flakiness to a minimum, communicate (Geminis are known to strategically “forget” things and play dumb), and deal with whatever drama Mercury Retrograde throws at you.

Gemini season ends on June 20, when Cancer Season begins. Read below to see how you will do during this season, according to Astrology:




Fire signs and air signs (AKA you and Gemini) are naturally compatible, so this is a fun month for you!

You are even more eager than usual to immerse yourself in new experiences, and tons of exciting connections, jobs, and projects are coming your way.

Are you going to hold onto all of these different things? Probably not! But have fun and enjoy the experience nonetheless. You are bound to find a person, a job, or a project that you can work with for the long term!





You are able to harness the clever influence of the Gemini season on the job right now, Taurus. Look at all the long-term plans that seem stagnant, Gemini season is here to teach you how to change your approach.

Leaving your comfort zone and trying new things is a little scary for you, but trust me you won’t regret it!

All the good work you do now is also likely to lead to a nice little raise or a bonus.





Happy Birthday! You vibrate wonderfully with all this Gemini Astro-weather. You are able to make major changes in your life right now.

Your relationship is not working? You can easily finish things off, find closure, and start looking for the next best thing.

Is work getting boring? Now is the perfect time to rewrite your CV and start looking! This transit motivates you to create something new in your life, and you are sure to have a great time!





As the Sun travels through the most communicative sign, you find that your inbox is filling up, and unfortunately, that’s because old jobs, projects, or relationships are making themselves known in your life and they might really hit you in the head until you deal with them.

This isn’t easy work by any means, but it’s necessary to work, so you can give yourself a clean slate and truly thrive when Cancer season rolls around in a month!





So many new connections are sliding into your life, Leo. Don’t expect a lot of romance or hot new encounters, this season is all about your crew.

You are loyal to a fault, so letting go of your toxic friends is usually very difficult for you.

But now it’s pretty easy! You could start this Gemini season by clearing out your bad friends and bad relationships, but any new friends you find are going to give your crew the sparkle it deserves!





This is a very important month, Virgo. You are put in the spotlight, especially at work. You may feel like everyone, especially your boss, is watching your performance closely, and that’s because they are.

Take this month to put the finishing details on any long-term projects, deliver the results, and congratulate yourself on all the great work you just did.

If you really kill it at work, a promotion or raise could be in the stars!





Life is an adventure this Gemini season! This is a great time to travel, take a class, or learn a new hobby as you feel extremely interested in anything/everything that is new.

Whether it’s a subtle change (like chatting with someone new at work) or a big, meaningful experience (like taking a life-changing trip or falling in love with someone who isn’t your usual type), you broaden your horizons.

At the end of Gemini season, you’ll be surprised how open-minded and well-balanced you feel!





You tend to connect with others on a deep and emotional level since you are a water sign, but Gemini is nothing like you, so the vibe is a little weird right now.

Your chart’s intimacy zone is activated, so you still make deep and meaningful connections, but not through sensual, erotic, or emotional experiences.

Instead, you make a stronger ‘brain bond’ with your SO by discovering tons of things you never knew you never knew about your boo!





Gemini season means cuffing season for you, Sagittarius! If you’re happy, you can spice up your relationship by trying a new place for a date night!

If you’re single, you could use these vibes to go on dates but this is a particularly good time to build strong and secure relationships with longevity.





Since Gemini season activates your chart’s work and health area, it’s important that you take responsibility, whether that’s taking care of your physical/mental health or focusing on your work obligations, before fully embracing Gemini’s social vibes.

Focus on wellness, and as the Gemini season progresses you will be able to totally revamp your life. You can tidy up your relationships, or just wipe everything off your to-do list now if you work hard!

Cancer season means cuffing season for your sign, and it’s just around the corner, so take this time to become the best version of yourself.





You find that this is one of the most beautiful and romantic times of the year! It’s a good time to get out (safely) or to experience new things. Have a great time and get outside!

Just because a relationship doesn’t have longevity doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, you know? That being said, if you find someone you really click with, you can start something serious with them by the end of Gemini season.





You are the most emotional sign, and Geminis are one of the most intellectual, so this transit might start out a little wonky! You are encouraged to take a more calculating and observant approach to life.

Take a deep dive and think hard about your life, especially your family, home, or past. Now is a great time to break out of shitty experiences, while still learning positive lessons from your past.





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