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How Halloween 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Setting expectations or just envisioning the most epic scenario is pretty common when you’re really looking forward to something. The imagination knows absolutely no boundaries, which is probably why the world never tires of spooky vacations like Halloween.

While your Halloween 2020 horoscope is a perfect match for its haunting aesthetic and exciting essence, this year’s tips and treats will be more quirky than ever and no one will be ready.

All Hallows’ Eve 2020 couldn’t be more ironic. Halloween night is already ghostly as it dates back thousands of years to the Celtic celebration of Samhain but this year’s Full Blue Moon makes everything about this day even more intriguing.

If you’re another Halloween demon, it’s your official signal to incorporate an enigmatic Full Moon into your Halloween 2020 supercut. A Full Moon occurring on Halloween night is one of the many things that makes this lunation so incredibly rare.

It is the second Full Moon of the same month, which means that it is what is considered a Blue Moon. It will be sitting in exactly the same degree as eccentric Uranus, the planet of chaos, revolution, and change. Remember, Uranian energy is known to catch everyone off guard, so expect the unexpected. In the meantime, here’s a look at this year’s Halloween, depending on your zodiac sign:




Aries WitchYou know what you don’t want, but not what you want. Whether personally or romantically speaking, today’s Astro-weather will awaken your inner rebel, but not like you think.

With your governing planet, Mars, retrograding through your sign, you might feel more introspective than usual, and Scorpio season isn’t helping. People can trigger you today, so take it slow.





Taurus WitchYou’re making a grand entrance for Halloween. It’s your time, Taurus. Venusian and sultry, the Full Blue Moon will settle directly above your head, which will be incredibly hard to miss.

A living synergy of charming electricity, your intuition will be just as uplifting as your impression on others. Since the Full Moon in your sign will sit with Uranus, it’s important that you follow your gut before you take a walk on the wild side.





Gemini WitchYou are doing a well-deserved rain test this year. Happy Halloween, Gemini. It’s you, your soft pillows, and your humble abode this year, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Full Moon will brighten up your 12th home of rest, sleep, closeness, and solitude, so don’t overthink your desire to flake on Halloween plans. It is much needed and well deserved. At worst, you can still blame Mercury retrograde for your sudden change of heart.





Cancer WitchYou are the Moon, and the Moon is full tonight. You’re gonna have to play by ear, Cancer. The Full Blue Moon will not only ignite your experimental 11th house of eccentricities and freedom but also stay close to erratic Uranus.

The Moon is your governing ‘planet’, and you know how things are when the Moon is full, add the great awakener to the mix. Nothing but ups and downs can be promised. Feel things before you make a decision; however, we all know home is where your heart is.

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Leo WitchYou bask in the Halloween spotlight, and you’re so into it. Are you ready to outdo everyone with your epic costume? Leo This Full Moon will illuminate your 10th house of public reputation while sitting near eccentric Uranus.

This means that you can’t hide from the attention even though you’ve tried it, so be sure to do your part.





Virgo WitchYou are soul searching and in the mood to explore. Look at yourself, Virgo. It’s not every day that you are in the mood for an adventure. This Full Blue Moon illuminates your exotic ninth house of exploration, opportunity, and uncharted territory while sitting near experimental Uranus.

This energy can go both ways, but it’s really up to you to make the most of it. Who knows, you may even decide to make an altar for your ancestors, in honor of Samhain.





Libra WitchYou are generally lighthearted, but you want privacy. You are in love with love, Libra. Although this Full Blue Moon is nothing like what you would probably expect.

Hovering over your sultry eighth house of sex, transformation, intimate unions, and ego death, you might be caught off guard with an electrical surge of inspiration, either personally or romantically. With your governing planet, Venus, in your sign, it may have something to do with your values and your self-confidence.





Scorpio WitchYou are in your element and there is no turning back. It’s Halloween, Scorpio. What’s not to love? Despite this spooky holiday having your name written all over it, this Full Moon will shake your engaged seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, while sitting near erratic Uranus.

Drama in the love department? Perhaps. Although with Venus, lighting up your secretive 12th house, you might have other skeletons in your closet.

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Sagittarius WitchYou are occupied with your responsibilities. Don’t overload yourself, Sagittarius. With the Sun highlighting your twelfth house of rest this season, it is your divine duty to take a step back.

However, this Full Blue Moon will light up your sixth house due diligence, which could easily get in the way of Halloween plans. Do yourself a favor and organize yourself. This is precisely what this lunation is trying to remind you off anyway.





Capricorn WitchYou have never been so excited about Halloween. You know, among all people, there is a time and place for everything, Capricorn. This is especially important to you this Halloween, as the stars will align in your favor.

The Full Blue Moon will ignite your expressive fifth house of romance, happiness, and self-expression, while the Sun shakes your socially conscious friendship sector. The vibe is fluid, the costumes are epic and you feel like yourself.





Aquarius WitchYou are more emotional than ever. Easy does it, Aquarius. Halloween is already weird, but this year is pretty much on the next level.

The Full Blue Moon will not only illuminate your domestic fourth house of emotional foundations, sense of security, and family matters, but it will also conjunct your erratic governing planet, Uranus. Expressing your emotions isn’t necessarily your strong suit, but you could go overboard by trying to squeeze the logic out of everything.





Pisces WitchHalloween is a vibe and you have a great time. You are a chameleon soul, Pisces. It’s no wonder that you nail your Halloween costume every year. With the right group of people by your side, your spooky festivities could be the best yet.

This year’s Full Blue Moon will shake your local third house of immediate circles, so you’ll likely be making plans left and right. Just be sure to remove your rose-colored glasses during the process.

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