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How Mercury Retrograde Spring 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is coming, and all the zodiac signs are in a little chaos, especially those that have Gemini in their charts. Because this Mercury retrograde is in Gemini, it is expected to be more intense than others. Expect a lot of obstacles and communication issues.

Mercury will enter its pre-retrograde zone on May 14, which will result in the retrograde occurring on May 29 and last until June 22. The post retrograde (retroshade) will last until July 7. This means that Mercury will be in Gemini for a while.

Your entrance into June will be an emotional roller coaster ride, so hang in there! Mercury retrograde will bring something different to each of us, and some need to be more on the lookout than others.




AriesAs time goes on, this retrograde will bring out your wise side. You see things around you as they are, whether others can or not.

You might be on to something big, but sharing this with the world could cost you money, don’t let your tongue take over your brain.





TaurusDuring Mercury retrograde, your steadfast attitude can be put on a loop during this time. Not only are things not going well, but now your generally calm attitude is also shattered.

Usually cautious and thoughtful, you might make impulsive decisions during Mercury retrograde that don’t mesh well with your rational thinking.





GeminiDuring this time, painful memories, family trauma, and spiritual issues may arise, and they will need to be taken care of, Gemini. You will also be more prone to emotional instability, and your thinking can be fluctuating and quite moody.

You will live more in the past, from the memories, facing accentuated states of nostalgia. But it is important to remember that it’s not that bad. You will finally think and speak your mind during this time, and people will actually listen. The world is your oyster right now!





CancerAs this retrograde unfolds you will feel more emotional, but hey, what else is new. You are going to be faced with a crossroads and the path you choose could drastically change things.

I know you are confused and things seem difficult right now, but keep your own well-being in mind to move forward, it should make it easier for you. 




LeoAt the start of this retrograde, you might want to be out of the spotlight a bit and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Take a break and let someone else lead the way for a while. Everyone needs a little time for themselves here and there, you are only human.





VirgoVirgo, you already feel pretty intense. These energies are going to bring you some bad luck but it’s more or less something positive in disguise.

Don’t sell yourself short, you are capable of more than you think. Be careful as you continue, but don’t close yourself off.





LibraMercury retrograde can cut you off from the people who are your lifelines. The ways you usually communicate can be spotty, so you’ll need to find other ways to stay in touch.

Since negotiations of all kinds can be rejected right now, pay close attention to contracts and agreements.





ScorpioAs a fixed sign, you don’t really appreciate the ups and downs that life can throw at you. You’re not going to be the first in line to ride the roller coaster that is Mercury retrograde, but if you don’t have a choice, you are resourceful enough to take it as it is.

You are also wise enough to know that while it may be unpleasant, it has to end at some point. 




SagittariusRight now, you’re stuck making mistakes that you don’t think you can get over, but it’s not too late. Take your time and figure out what needs to happen next.

Even when you are feeling the most stuck, there is always a way out. I know you’re going to be a little confused and very stressed out, but you can do it, have faith in yourself.





CapricornThis retrograde will not be as good for you as it will be for everyone. While you will enjoy it, you will also feel a little broken inside.

There is something being hidden from you, and that something is about to come into the light. Remember to react correctly and not run wild until you have the facts straight.





AquariusI know, you’re nervous enough already, but this retrograde might allow you to challenge yourself more than you might expect.

You are about to know where you are headed and come to terms with things that you have tried to ignore. Don’t rush, take things one day at a time.





PiscesThis retrograde for you is going to feel like a serious slap in the face. Everything you’ve worked towards is going to be coming undone before your eyes.

While you have a lot to be thankful for, you might not be able to see it while this retrograde is in progress. Let your passions out and try to take your time as you move through this ordeal.



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