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How the Aquarius New Moon February 11th, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

We are in the middle of the Aquarius Season of 2021, and the innovative energy of this sign will reach its peak during the February 2021 New Moon, which will be on February 11th. This lunation offers us an opportunity to set intentions related to our future and spruce up our New Year’s goals with some fresh and quirky twists.

You’ll want to take a look at your February 2021 New Moon horoscopes before the big day so you know how to fully take advantage of the lunar magic.

This New Moon is unfolding in the territory of the avant-garde air sign Aquarius, which transforms us into a more inventive, creative, and community-driven state of mind. It strikes at the height of the Aquarius stellium of February, during which seven celestial bodies will be grouped together in this sign, all of them greatly amplifying the unconventional Aquarius qualities of this lunation.

Prepare to think outside the box when it comes to goal setting and embraces the full spectrum of your individuality. Even the current retrograde period of Mercury cannot stop you from channeling the revolutionary energy of this New Moon and making the much-needed changes in your life.

This New Moon serves the main vibrations of the Age of Aquarius, and it will encourage all of us to find new ways to be our weird and wonderful selves and inspire others to do the same. Read on to find out exactly how the February 2021 New Moon will affect your zodiac sign.




Aries purpleYou’re never afraid to do things solo, Aries, but this New Moon will challenge you to rise up and shine in a group.

While Mercury retrograde can mix communications between your friends and colleagues, you can use the energy of this lunation to rise above the drama, find your light, and make your voice heard. Your leadership is needed.





Taurus purpleWhat do you think of your current career path, Taurus? This innovative New Moon asks you to know if you feel that you can truly express yourself in your current job and make a difference to others through your work.

If you’re feeling up for a change, now is a great time to update your LinkedIn.





Gemini purpleYou’ve been feeling restless in your daily routine lately, Gemini, so this New Moon inspires you to seek inspiration even if Mercury retrograde hinders your style slightly.

Feed your creative brain by signing up for a fun class, diving into a good book, or perfecting new Pinterest boards while you plan your dream vacation.





Cancer PurpleIf you have unspoken grief, unpaid debts, or any other energy burden weighing on your soul, then this New Moon is your opportunity to face these demons and clear your inner slate.

It’s easy to overlook personal boundaries when you’re used to caring for others, but now is the time to let go of stress, secrets, and toxic relationships. Start over again.

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Leo PurpleThere has been so much planetary attention to your close partnerships lately, Leo, and it can be straining but this New Moon asks you to shake things up.

If things in your love life have gotten stale or too stressful, mix things up by doing something new together or by breaking each other’s “rules” that you normally follow. A small shared rebellion keeps things fresh.





Virgo PurpleAll you want to do under this New Moon, Virgo, is rearrange your schedule, organize yourself, and conquer your current plans but with the retrograde of your governing planet, Mercury, you continue to run into roadblocks. It’s okay!

Use this lunation to start chipping away at the most menial tasks on your to-do list and freeing up space for bigger projects to come.





Libra PurpleThis New Moon breathes new life into your passion plans, romantic relationships, and an overall sense of self-confidence, Libra so don’t sleep on its inspiring energy!

Take a break and allow yourself to have fun in a light way by saying yes to a date or having a silly craft night with friends to get your creativity flowing.





Scorpio PurpleYou’ve learned so many privacy lessons lately, Scorpio, and this New Moon gives you the opportunity to take what you’ve learned and start over.

If you have a drama with people from your past, clean the air and end the drama head-on. Your emotions will flow much more freely as you release these deeply ingrained burdens.

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Sagittarius purplePay close attention to the little quirky details of your daily life, Sagittarius, as this New Moon helps you see all your usual communications and interactions in a whole new light.

Use this energy to connect more authentically with the people around you and manage any lingering chores on your to-do list that suck the joy out of your everyday life.





Capricorn PurpleThe number in your bank account does not match your value as a person, Capricorn. And this New Moon is here to remind you that you can manage your finances without doing personal things.

Forgive yourself for all the financial mistakes you’ve made in the past, and use the mental clarity of this aerial New Moon to help you craft a solid plan to keep you on track in the future.





Aquarius PurpleHappy New Moon in your sign, Aquarius! You feel like the center of attention as all of your weird and wonderful eccentricities are fully on display for the eyes of the whole world.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t change things on a whim! Allow yourself to shed old skin, develop new habits, and be whoever you want. Your authenticity will also inspire others to be more real.





Pisces purpleYour spiritual powers are strong right now, Pisces, and you can use your mystical gifts to uplift others as well as yourself. Try doing a New Moon ritual with an emphasis on collective growth and well-being, or just light some incense to clear your mind.

Regardless of how you connect with your inner magic, that’s fine, as long as you’re true to yourself.

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