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Monthly Horoscope February 2021 For Each Zodiac Sign

If you pay close attention to your emotional world, perhaps even to the subtle undercurrents all around you, you will quickly realize that the cosmos is not only working overtime but also in your favor. While, according to physics, time is just an illusion, your February 2021 monthly horoscope continues to prove that it couldn’t be more divine.

Everything is happening for a reason, including the hardships you went through throughout 2020 and the seeds of intention you planted along the way but what happens now? Despite the plethora of Uranian energy surrounding this progressive season, thanks to the Sun, Mercury retrograde, as well as Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, Venus’ transition in Aquarius on February 1st has set the tone for the rest of the month but not the way you think.

In general, the journey of the planet of love through Aquarius inspires the collective to take the unconventional path of romance, fun, and values; the more unorthodox, the better. However, in addition to expecting the unexpected, you will have the opportunity to experiment, romantically and even financially.

Most importantly, it is your signal to release yourself from the energies that are keeping you stagnant. Venus will partner with Jupiter and Saturn for most of the month, while Saturn takes on rebellious Uranus, so relationship charts might seem more difficult than usual.

On February 8th, the Sun will make what is called cazimi conjunction (any planet whose center is within 16 minutes of the arc of the center of the Sun) with Mercury retrograde, which will likely highlight some crucial information, so be careful. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th will encourage you to fill the void while continuing to build on your new and improved habits.

Mercury will meet Venus in Aquarius on February 13th (aka the day before Valentine’s Day), making it a great time to intellectually stimulate heart-to-heart and creative expression. The Sun enters dreamy Pisces on February 18th, shifting the focus from logic and progress to spirituality and universal love.

Finally, a powerful Full Moon in Virgo will grace the night sky on February 27th, highlighting everything from the details of your daily routine to the complex process required to see positive results in your life. That said, here’s what February 2021 has in store for you, according to astrology:




aries magic ballYou focus on your associations and friendships. Take back your power, Aries. You prioritize everything from your future aspirations to your sense of belonging to the world.

However, you will likely have to make a decision about your current commitments in the process. Get to work.





taurus magic ballYou pour everything you have into your career. Commit to it, Taurus. You are ready to make some boss moves and take things to the next level.

However, in the midst of all the action to achieve your professional goals, you might feel the sudden urge to rebel. Do you feel comfortable with your sense of authority?





gemini magic ballYou are planning your next move, but ready to learn. If you decide to go back to school, become an entrepreneur, or travel abroad, February will show you the way, Gemini.

The emphasis is on the knowledge you aspire to acquire for the future, but you might also have doubts about the process. Think about it and step back.





cancer magic ballYou think about the foundations of your investments. You’re in it to win it, Cancer. However, you might run into some tension with your colleagues, friends, and teammates along the way.

You’re ready to invest in something, spiritually and/or financially so don’t worry about side noise, at least for now.

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leo magic ballYou find a balance between relationships and your career. Something has gotta give, Leo.

Although you are working overtime for your professional life and/or for your partner, you are bound to feel tension when making decisions. Work may appear erratic and/or volatile, which could affect your commitments.





virgo magic ballYou are ready to revolutionize your daily routine. Think outside the box, Virgo. Sort your priorities and get situated. February will encourage you to implement a routine that is as effective as it is innovative.

If things seem to be taking longer than you’d like, don’t give up hope. Focus on your mission and keep your eyes on the prize.





libra magic ballYou harness your solar plexus and your heart chakras. Whether creatively and/or romantically, February astrology will ignite your inner fire and inspire you to explore your unconventional passions.

However, in the midst of strategizing for your next mission, you might run into tensions regarding your intimate unions or joint collaborations.





scorpio magic ballYou are ready to build the foundation you have always dreamed of, Scorpio. Single or already taken, February Astro-weather will highlight everything from your inner experiences to your physical living space.

Although you are very focused on establishing the life you always wanted, your relationship with a significant other could bring unnecessary chaos.

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sagittarius magic ballYou shamelessly exploit your inner genius. Whether you’ve had the idea of writing a book or maybe learning a new skill, February will give you the tools to do it, Sagittarius.

However, in the midst of brainstorming your messaging, or perhaps making a commitment to a sibling, the themes that revolve around your daily routine might become difficult.





capricorn magic ballYou are planning your next conquest of the world. Money is the anthem of success, right Capricorn? Besides focusing on your business plan, February Astro-weather will highlight everything from your finances to your sense of security, and maybe inspire you to revolutionize this area of your life.

Humility is the key, don’t let your ego get the better of you.





aquarius magic ballYou are entering your most galactic potential. The spotlight is on you, and you know it, Aquarius. Happy birthday and cheers to a blessed solar return.

February will highlight the potential of your extraordinary essence and unicorn identity. On the dark side, however, things can seem a bit tense at home, especially if family and/or loved ones are not in agreement.





pisces magic ballYou focus on yourself, but it seems more difficult than usual. Take a deep breath, Pisces. With a stellium of planets lighting up your 12th house of surrender, you might feel the need to step back and retreat from the everyday monotony.

Although, in the midst of finding your zen, scrolling through social media and chatting with your peers might be the reason you are having second thoughts about this fresh start.

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