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How the Full Moon Eclipse July 2020, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

In case you haven’t had enough incredibly intense astrology to chaotify your life lately (I’m talking about Mercury retrograde summer 2020), we are here to inform you that Sunday evening July 4 (or just after midnight July 5, if you are in Eastern Time), we will experience the full moon of July 2020 and this full moon also happens to be a lunar eclipse.

Yes, another full moon eclipse. The work of the full moon, in general, consists of illuminating, showing us new pieces of the puzzle, and bringing new perspectives. But when a full moon is concurrent with a lunar eclipse, its power becomes even more intense and it will affect all signs of the zodiac in a big way.

It’s no coincidence that this full moon eclipse takes place on July 4, since it’s independence day for the US, to say the least. In addition to being at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic, the country is called out and held responsible for decades of racist ideologies and institutions, with millions of citizens protesting and demanding change.

This full moon eclipse is likely to bring some of this energy to a boiling point. Because this full moon eclipse takes place in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, which is the sign that reigns over figures of authority and tradition, we can expect that some unexpected changes or ends will occur when it comes to these realms or new and essential information that shakes the foundations of these establishments comes.

This full moon/lunar eclipse will undoubtedly bring about changes and revelations on a large scale, but it will also have an intense effect on our personal lives.

Here’s how the July 2020 full moon eclipse will affect each sign of the zodiac:




AriesPrepare for major events to take place in your professional life, Aries. You have tried to make sense of your public image, but you do not seem to be able to escape your past. I

t is important to remember that the past is for learning and growing, not for escaping, so try to bridge the gap between who you present yourself as and who you really feel inside to bring this crisis to a peaceful conclusion.





TaurusYour mission is to grow as a person, to develop a stronger belief system, and to become more competent, Taurus. However, this eclipse can remind you that you don’t need to sign up for expensive seminars or travel to distant places to broaden your mind.

Change your perspective and start taking advantage of the opportunities you have overlooked in your own backyard.





GeminiPrepare for a period of deep and intense transformation. Like a caterpillar that enters its cocoon, you undergo serious growth, and you could leave it unrecognizable after this eclipse.

You dive into the deepest and most intimate parts of your psyche and try to make sense of them in the tangible realm right now, Gemini. It’s not an easy task, but you can use what you learn under the full moon for your next steps.





CancerThe urge to take control of your relationships at this time is strong, Cancer, but this eclipse may have other plans.

Try to reign in your desire to dominate your will over that of a partner and embrace balance instead, as the eclipse could shake the foundations of your closest relationships and bring to light new information. Drive with the ever-changing flow and don’t assume anything before you see the full picture.

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LeoIf you have felt trapped in the last few months of isolation, prepare to come to some major achievements on how to spiritually free yourself from the restrictions that have been placed on you.

Your general health and well-being is a priority that has come to the forefront for you lately, Leo, so listen to your higher self while you are navigating the energy of this eclipse. You know better than anyone how to take care of your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.





VirgoYou are trying to figure out how to pursue your personal passions, as well as dedicate yourself to serving your community and being aware of social causes. Guess what, Virgo? It is possible to do both.

Let the energy of the full moon inspire you to find new ways to beautify the world around you using your creative vision. Eclipses are intense, but this is likely to bring both good luck and pleasure – so share the wealth.





LibraYour work-life balance is at the forefront under the light of this full moon, Libra. Although you’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on your career lately, remember to maintain a safe, comfortable, and solid foundation in order to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Be prepared to slow down and listen to your emotions under the energy of the moon eclipsed this weekend, as your heart could enjoy a moment of gentle and stimulating relaxation.





ScorpioYou feel super taken in dramas and daily homework, Scorpio, but this full moon eclipse is likely to upset the way you interact with your environment.

In order to put the little things in order, you sometimes have to look at the big picture and under the light of this weekend, you will be able to see this from a much broader perspective than you have recently had. Examine your environment before taking your next steps.

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SagittariusYou’re not usually the type of person who asks too many questions, Sagittarius, but you may find that your self-esteem has not been where you want it to be. With all the restrictions lately, it’s been difficult to be yourself but let the emotional energy of this weekend’s eclipse plunge you into your most personal and intimate thoughts.

Take a torch and run towards darkness inside you. It’s the only way to turn it into light and realize that the monsters under your bed aren’t that scary after all.





CapricornWith the full moon exploding your sign this weekend, Capricorn, get ready to wear your whole heart on your sleeve.

As a pragmatic earth sign, you’re used to being in control, but this luminary will shake everything you thought you had on lock. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and try to ride the waves of change and once the eclipse is over, you will know exactly where you are.





AquariusYou are caught up in your head and your heart right now, Aquarius, and it could be difficult to think clearly about anything. Rest and relaxation are a must for you under the intense energy of the eclipse.

While you may feel a nagging voice in the back of your mind asking you to take care of your to-do list, resist the urge to overwork and prioritize personal care. You will be much more open to the messages of the full moon if you go out of your way to make room for peace and tranquility.





PiscesWith everything going on in the world right now, Pisces, you feel deeply called to get more involved in a social cause and to understand your role in your community. Allow your inner leader to speak and express themselves under the light of this weekend, and be open to playing a role you never expected.

The energy of the eclipse could shake up your social group and show you passions that you didn’t even know you were made for.

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