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How the Full Moon in Pisces (September 2), Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

As a Full Moon rises under the sign of Pisces on the first night of September, we can expect powerful energies to influence us all. In the middle of the Virgo season, we are getting organized and prepared for the rest of the year.

In the midst of this busy period, and emotionally charged Full Moon will have a special impact on each zodiac sign.

With the influence of Pisces, this luminary will highlight our emotions as well as our dreams. As Uranus forms powerful aspects with the Moon and the Sun, it will bring eccentric energy with bursts of inspiration. Are you ready for this fun ride?




Being a person known to generally express their honest emotions, this Full Moon asks you to take those feelings away.

Channel these emotions inward and listen to your heart. You need to be in tune with your higher self, so make sure you don’t have any distractions.





This lunation will bring you community growth. Connect with your close friends and family, and you might find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Get rid of those lonely blues and work with someone to get the job done!





This Full Moon in Pisces will brighten your career and you may find your true calling!

Don’t bury yourself in work, look up, and let the inspiration bathe you. Your emotions will guide you.





Whatever your philosophies about life or spirituality, now is a good time to think about it.

Leave the rigid ideas behind and embrace the fluid nature of life. Positive changes are underway.

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Channel your emotional energy inward during this Full Moon and work on your shadow self.

If you want to grow, you have to dig deep and find your inner strength.





As the Pisces Full Moon rises in the middle of your season, you are called upon to channel your personal energy to your loved ones. Relationships often work like mirrors and can show the issues we have within us.

Self-improvement can also happen when you connect with those around you and see things from their perspective.





After all the fun you’ve had during Leo season, this Full Moon will guide you to take some time for spiritual exploration.

Make your daily tasks more intentional. Clean up the mess and you will find new energy to heal and grow. Focus on your wellness now.





A good time awaits you! Although you can fiercely feel your emotions with the Moon in another water sign, this lunation is also all about fun and pleasures.

You can put your creative energy at the service of artistic forms of self-expression.

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The energy of the Full Moon usually makes us very social, but now you feel a warmer vibe. You can use this time to relax at home and reconnect with old friends.

When you reconnect with people who know you intimately, you will find new inspiration and creative energy.





The Pisces Full Moon will help you release all the emotions that you have locked inside. You don’t open up easily, but the moonlight will make it easier than ever.

You can have a close conversation with a friend or just make a few journal entries, but be sure to let those thoughts come out.





Let the intuitive energy of Pisces guide you. Think about the things that really matter to you.

Are you willing to waste your energy and time on things that ultimately aren’t useful to you? Listen to your heart and start building a new life, a life you want.





With the Full Moon rising in your sign, take this opportunity to express your emotional side to others. You can express yourself with your clothes or your art, but make sure you don’t suppress that energy.

The Pisces Full Moon will ask us to open our minds. We have to trust the lunation and all the surprises it has in store for us. Tuning into our intuitive powers enhanced by Pisces energy will help us navigate these waters.

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