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How to Harvest the Powerful Energy of the September New Moon in Virgo

As a powerful New Moon in Virgo rises next week, there are a few things you need to avoid. Rising on September 17, the Virgo New Moon is the last of the Summer season. Attention to detail and increased productivity are on the horizon, but we need to prepare for it first.

Saturn’s influence on this Moon will provide structure and discipline. The New Moon-Saturn trine will ask us to pull up our socks and get down to business.

If you do hard work now, when the Full Moon arrives and Saturn goes direct, you will reap your benefits. So here are 3 things you need to do to get the most out of the Virgo New Moon, and 3 things you need to watch out for.


Three things that you should do:


1. Rituals for the Virgo New Moon:

The night of Virgo’s New Moon will be the perfect time to set new intentions and perform certain rituals. New Moons are associated with new beginnings, so you might find inspiration to launch a pending project or just prepare for a fresh start.

Set intentions for tangible steps so that you can manifest your plans soon.



2. Volunteer:

While Virgo will allow you to make great strides in your personal life, don’t forget to give some things back to society.

Find the time to volunteer at your local centers or make a donation. You can also help a friend in need of your time.



3. Focus on your health:

Virgo is very concerned with health and wellness, so now will be a good time to make some changes to your routine. You can adjust your diet or try new exercises. Listen to what your body and mind need.

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Three things that you should not do.


1. Worry about perfection:

The Virgo New Moon will naturally prompt us to strive for perfection in all of our endeavors. But try not to get lost in it.

Being analytical is good, but try not to become overly critical. Even if your plan doesn’t follow through, be adaptable. Accept the changes around you instead of resisting them.



2. Rush things:

With the influence of Retrograde Saturn on the New Moon next week, we will have to be patient. Saturn will bring focus and structure, but the benefits will not come instantly.

Saturn always asks for hard work before sending gifts. A slow, steady approach is what you need now to last this season.



3. Ignore the details:

Stop dreaming about reaping your benefits without focusing on the details. You cannot jump to your success, you have to work through every step and every detail. Know where you want to reach, but focus on the steps in front of you.

The Virgo New Moon will bring us abundance in the weeks to come. But first, we’ll have to work hard. Focus on your personal goals while spending time with your loved ones. Follow the flow of the universe and let it show you your way. The night of the New Moon will be a great time to set intentions for the rest of the year.

Once all of the planets, which are currently retrograde, station direct in the coming weeks, you will see your dreams come true. Be patient and have faith.

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