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Monthly Horoscope March 2021 For Each Zodiac Sign

The energy is bustling and bubbling at the beginning of March. After all, Mars, the planet of ambition and courage, enters intelligent, cerebral, and adaptable Gemini on March 3. It will be a welcome change from the slow, patient energy of Mars in Taurus, as Gemini is a quick-witted zodiac sign that yearns for variety and indulges in intelligence.

Your horoscope for March 2021 will make you work like a champ, but make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin. When March begins, the Sun will be in spiritual, empathetic, and imaginative Pisces. You will experience a major boost in artistic thinking around March 10, when the Sun pairs up with dreamy, fantastical Neptune in this mutable water sign.

This aspect will tap into your desire to escape reality and connect with something greater than life, so let your imagination take you to a beautiful place. Just be sure to keep one foot on the ground as you do this. This enchanting energy will also wrap around your relationships, as loving Venus will also form a conjunction with Neptune on March 15.

It will intensify the level of compassion in your social life and the level of romance in your love life by immense measures. Prepare for that kind of irresistible love that keeps you awake all night long with your crush on your mind. However, you can tend to romanticize your relationship and overlook its flaws, so be sure to focus on the facts.

The cosmos changes gears on March 20, when the Sun enters a passionate, competitive, and motivated Aries. It will liven things up and energize you after a sleepy, dreamy Pisces season. When Venus enters Aries on March 21, love can start to feel instant and immediate, as Aries is a zodiac sign that falls hard and fast or not at all.

However, while the Aries romance rages hot and fierce, it can just as easily wear off if neither partner is willing to work on building the long-term relationship. However, when it comes to your own work activities, you definitely think long-term.

After all, ambitious Mars will form a stabilizing trine with Saturn engaged on March 21, which will not only accelerate you towards your goals but also give you the support and stamina to carry them through to the end. Mars and Saturn have been at odds for the past few months, which has definitely slowed things down and inhibited your workflow.

Fortunately, this trine indicates that they are finally ready to work together. Make good use of it. Of course, what would the Aries season be without a shakeup? On March 23, you’ll get exactly that when Mercury, the planet of communication, squares off with aggressive Mars, which might make you angry and ready to have a fight.

Think twice before you act, and take a break for a moment if your impulses tell you to do something that can have dramatic consequences. However, if you are starting a drama, don’t be so hard on yourself. After all, it is the Aries season. Here is your cosmic breakdown for the month of March, based on your Sun and/or rising sign:




Aries purpleThis month, you might be feeling raw and vulnerable to your sensibilities. It is as if all of the emotions you are holding onto are coming together at the same time. Give yourself time to heal and honor your heart.

After all, you are setting yourself up for a very energetic and productive time. There is nothing wrong with withdrawing from the world and coming back to it whenever you are ready to take on the world like a champion.





Taurus purpleYou meet so many beautiful new people and rediscover your spiritual connection with your community this month. Let your guard down and immerse yourself with people who have so much to teach you.

Knowing people doesn’t mean sacrificing your authenticity. At the end of the month, you will be spending a lot of time understanding your deeper mechanics and getting to know your mind. Prepare for surprising revelations.





Gemini purpleIf you’ve insisted on how slow things were in your career, that has the power to change this month. Not only do you feel more competitive, but the world feels more receptive to the services you provide.

Let yourself shine without fear of shining too bright. Networking will also come naturally to you, widening your social circle. At the end of the month, you might even be organizing something exciting with your community.





Cancer PurpleWho knows where you’ll end up this month? You feel captivated by the desire for adventure; the desire to free yourself from the monotony of your life and gain experiences beyond your standards.

Don’t underestimate the adventures that await you. By the end of the month, these adventures may have shown you some mind-blowing things, expanding your awareness while informing your next career move.





Leo PurpleThere’s no reason to sugarcoat it, March will test your inner strength. You can spend the beginning fighting your fears and settling your debts so that you are finally free.

Embrace the transformation process and be excited about what you are becoming. Even though it may seem bleak at times, have faith in the future. By the end of the month, the promise of a new adventure will grab your heart, plunge you into the unknown.





Virgo PurpleYour relationships are receiving so much love this month. You might want a relationship where nothing is off-limits; where you are willing to do everything for each other and get to know each other completely.

This energy is intoxicating, but be careful not to give too much away to someone who might not appreciate it. You’ll learn the meaning of boundaries by the end of the month, but don’t let that stop you from loving fully.





Libra PurpleThis month is all about self-care for you. The cosmos encourages you to be kind to yourself. Nourish your body and mind as you track your plans and stay productive. However, you are not a robot and sometimes you might fall behind.

Learn to forgive yourself and try again. At the end of the month, the cosmos will remind you that you are not alone. You have friends, lovers, and coworkers with you every step of the way.





Scorpio PurpleThe creative energy flowing through you this month is positively to die for. If you don’t engage your inner artist or indulge in the colors and music around you, you are wasting this glorious energy.

However, keep your limits in mind, as there are limits to fun and excitement before you start to deplete your health or ignore your responsibilities. At the end of the month, you will have a better understanding of how to balance work and pleasure.





Sagittarius purpleThis month you learn that “home” is a state of mind. Spending time with your loved ones and family while you rearrange your home environment will do you a lot of good. If you don’t feel comfortable in the sacred corner of your universe, the cosmos will remind you.

Let your privacy be your anchor because the end of the month has so much excitement in store for you. If you don’t have a solid place to start, you may end up feeling lost later.





Capricorn PurpleAt the start of this month, your mind might be racing and moving at breakneck speed. Not only do you crave stimulating conversations with smart people, but you are also interested in studying new topics and learning more than ever before.

Keep yourself busy when you feel amped up. Otherwise, you might feel aimless and restless. The end of the month will slow down, replacing electricity with a warmth that will remind you to rest and relax.





Aquarius PurpleThis month, you’ll crave luxury. Your five senses will be fully activated, encouraging you to connect with the world through touch, sound, sight, taste, and smell. However, indulging in your surroundings doesn’t have to cost your entire wallet, so keep your financial goals in check.

At the end of the month, your social life will start to pick up speed, and your desire to express yourself will be at the forefront of your mind. Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard.





Pisces purpleGet to know yourself better this month. You might tend to be too harsh or critical of yourself, but this Pisces season is reminding you to forgive your faults and love yourself for how unique and multidimensional they make you.

When people don’t respect your chosen identity, stand up for yourself. At the end of the month, concerns about your self-esteem will kick in, reminding you of the many reasons to honor your self-esteem.




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