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How The New Moon in Virgo on September 17, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

We kicked off September with a Full Corn Moon, which allowed everyone to delve into their feelings and intuitive senses. But on September 17, the September 2020 New Moon gives us the opportunity to start something new and something built to last.

This lunation (which marks the last New Moon of the Summer season) is taking place in the meticulous and service-oriented sign of Virgo, which gives us all a final burst of Virgo season energy that will help you to start new healthy habits, iron out the practical details of any new attempts, and find new ways to be of service to others.

However, you’ll want to know how the September 2020 New Moon will specifically affect your zodiac sign, as it will strike a little differently for everyone. Overall, Virgo energy is pragmatic, analytical, and wants to get things right, so with the Sun and the Moon aligning here (as we will under the September New Moon), it will activate our inner perfectionists.

This luminary supports all projects related to improving yourself or the world around you: think of personal health goals like adding more exercise to your routine, or more mundane service-oriented goals, like taking action on humanitarian issues or signing up to become a volunteer.

In addition, the ultra-responsible planet Saturn will give a positive aspect to this New Moon, which adds an additional gain in productivity to an already inspiring luminary.

Enjoy the super focused and bountiful energy of this lunation as we close the Summer season and approach the Autumn equinox. Here’s how the September 2020 New Moon will affect you, based on your zodiac sign.




Now is the time to revitalize your health and wellness goals, Aries, whatever they are.

Whether you want to define better boundaries between your work and private life, develop a healthier daily routine, or just commit to making dinner at home more often than you summon Uber Eats, now is a great time to implement and stick to healthy changes.





Stop putting your passionate plans aside, Taurus. Now is the time to pull your creative ideas out of the closet and make them shine.

Bringing a more Virgo-influenced critical eye to your natural Venusian sense of beauty can help you create something that is both artistic and effective, so use your talents and bring a passion project to life under the vibrations of this luminary.





Enjoying what the New Moon has to offer you this month is easy, Gemini. Clean your house! We’re about to kick off a new season once the Autumn equinox hits, and it’s good to step into a new part of the year with a clean slate and a tidy house.

If you use the energy of this lunation to revitalize your living space and make it look nice and shiny, you will feel like you can accomplish it all.





This New Moon brings a new burst of energy that inspires you to get organized, Cancer, so take this opportunity to take some tedious tasks off your to-do list.

Your most analytical, practical mind is taking the reins right now, so use your keen eye for detail to lay a solid framework for upcoming Autumn work projects or social plans.

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If you have any details to work out financially or if you don’t know where you are at, this New Moon will inspire you to take charge of your money.

Making a detailed monthly budget, reviewing your bank accounts, or setting up a new savings plan are all ideal ways to take advantage of the energy this Moon is serving you, Leo. Let’s crunch some numbers.





We may be approaching the last days of the Virgo season, but this New Moon marks a whole new beginning for you Virgo, only if you choose to take advantage of it. If there is something you want to accomplish, the Universe is currently giving you the tools you need to be successful.

Use your critical eye for detail to fine-tune your plans, and make sure you’re fully dedicated to whatever you’re working on.





This light can serve as a catalyst for deep, subconscious healing for you, Libra as long as you prioritize creating space for your higher self to grow and explore.

If you are constantly distracted by your social life, you will not have time to go inward and develop your more mystical nature, so commit to your spiritual wellness under this New Moon and look at your consciousness’ development.





Don’t wait any longer to get involved in your community and act on the causes that inflame your heart.

This New Moon offers you ideas on how you can better serve others and how you can help build community and make a difference on a large scale. Lean into the power of collaboration and caring, Scorpio.

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All eyes are on your career path and working life right now, Sagittarius. While a dreamer like you likes to look toward large-scale, long-term business goals, try zooming in on the little details now and get analytical.

If you start making subtle improvements in your path to success and smoothing out the wrinkles in your public image, you’ll make sure you get to where you want to be.





It’s an exciting luminary for you, Capricorn, because it invites you to ignite your imagination and dream big while keeping it practical.

Pursuing a better interest that will broaden your horizons is exactly the kind of risk you should be taking in this New Moon. And since this is taking place in another earth sign, you will be able to see the specific steps you need to take to do it reasonably.





Now is the time to adjust your boundaries, Aquarius, whether it’s emotional boundaries in intimate relationships or boundaries with money to make sure you don’t get exploited.

Look at the areas of your life where you feel most vulnerable, and think about ways to approach those issues with healthier, more stable behavior.





This luminary gives you a fresh start in relationships but that doesn’t mean you have to jump into a fantasy. Resist the urge to put on rose-colored glasses in your closest partnerships, and commit to taking a more realistic look at the dynamics at play.

If you’ve waited a while to come out of your shell and break out of a tired old role, this is your chance.

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