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Mars Enters Aries – Major Energies Will Push Us Over the Edge

As we move through June, we are getting closer and closer to its end. However, just before the end of June, March 27, Mars entered Aries, which caused an energy change like no other.

While Mars is present in Aries, we will all feel that things are getting too serious. When Mars is in Aries, we are more willing to let our impulsive side shine, and this for many of us is a very bad thing.

The more we allow our impulses to take over, the less we get done overall, and further behind we find ourselves.



When Mars is in Aries, we tend to pay more attention to our intuitive side.

We see things that need to be changed and we work hard to change them all while perhaps not looking in the right areas.

We are very busy in life and we do not realize that sometimes even we need breaks. I know, it may not sound like much, but when it all packs on, it can make a big difference in our lives.

The more you allow Aries and Mars to conflict with each other in your life, the more confused you will be. This coming together is always a stressful time for us and can sometimes leave us wondering where to go from here. While you are going to face a lot of new things, some of these new things are not worth your time.



Energies of Mars in Aries:

Mars is the planet of action and when it is in Aries, it is at the top of the world. It is strong, independent, and fierce. There is absolutely nothing that will stand in its way, whatever it wants to accomplish. Mars in Aries is always triumphant.

Fiery Aries is a cardinal sign characterized by immediacy, activity, and pioneering so Mars fits perfectly into this rapidly changing environment. Because there is little resistance during Mars in Aries, it almost feels like our obstacles melt away.

But it is not as if they have completely disappeared, we are just too motivated and confident to be intimidated by them. Even though we will probably face these obstacles at some point on the road, this is not the point of Mars in Aries.

This transit is not a question of planning. It’s about moving forward, regardless of what might stand in the way later.

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We will want to find new paths, push ourselves, and tone our bodies and minds.

We will be more likely to do things that we have never done before during this transit. Both Mars and Aries aim to try, not to win. Success comes from participation rather than conquest.

And while this incredible increase in energy can be beneficial, it can also become a challenge in our lives and relationships. Because when we are less concerned about the consequences, impulsive behavior is likely. We may find that we experience more tantrums, or that our direct approach rubs others the wrong way.

Mars in Aries makes us all feel “it’s my way or the highway”, which means that we are not willing to meet others halfway. We might end up butting heads more frequently due to the aggressive energy of the air.

Don’t get too carried away by the world around you right now, take breaks when you need to. Life will go on, whether you’re standing still or running. Remember that your own well-being is important and that sometimes stopping to smell the roses is a wonderful thing.


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