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What July 2020 Has in Store for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

As the ending of June gets closer, the energies of July are increasing more and more. Even if it doesn’t seem to be the case now, July is going to be a powerhouse in many ways.

Below we will go over what each zodiac sign should expect moving forward. While these things may seem a little strange, as July comes into play, and we are starting to see how it goes, we can realize how present they are.

While July is pretty positive, it will also be stressful in many ways.




AriesThe month of July for you will leave you wondering where you are headed. Things got in place, but not fast enough for you to realize it.

You’re stuck trying to figure out where you’re headed and you don’t really feel like yourself right now.





TaurusJuly is going to be a month of rebirth for you. You will work hard to reinvent yourself and find something new to immerse yourself in.

You want a career change and you want it now. Things won’t happen if you allow yourself to get stuck in the circle you’re in.





GeminiJuly is going to be a month that all Geminis will remember this year. You are going to work hard to get things in order.

This month it’s all about progress and you’re going to be doing a lot. Do your best to do as much as possible and keep your head up.





CancerJuly for all Cancers is going to be a month of growth. You always let the wrong people too close and this month will remind you that it is sometimes necessary to cut ties.

You will do what is best for you for once and find out where you need to be in life.

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LeoJuly is going to be confusing for you but not in a terrible way. You’re going to step out of the spotlight and try to figure out what you need to work on to get to where you think you should be.

While you’ve been motivated enough for quite some time now, you’ve fallen behind and you start to see it more and more.





VirgoIn July, you will feel very nervous. You do not know in which direction you should go and, therefore, you may feel quite a in conflict.

Keep your head up high and listen to your inner voice. You are doing a lot and you can handle this. The progress you make will ultimately pay off.





LibraFor most Libras, the month of July will be devoted to dissolving your insecurities. You spend a lot of time worrying about others and what they think of you, but it won’t matter once everything is said and done.

In the end, your opinion about yourself is more important than that of others. You’ll realize this soon and you should do your best to allow it to sink in properly.





ScorpioAs a Scorpio, you are a little nervous about July. Things have been difficult lately and you feel like whatever you are doing, you can’t get ahead.

Over time, you will learn what works and what needs to be changed.

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SagittariusThe month of July will prepare Sagittarians to jump off the ship. Things have gotten intense lately and you are not too sure you can handle what is ahead.

Now is your chance to get out if that’s what you want, but think carefully before making reckless decisions.





CapricornAlthough July has not yet arrived, you will feel it more than most of the others. This will highlight the toxic people in your life and finally take you to a place where you can abandon them.

You always hold those who hurt you for too long and now is your chance to change that.





AquariusFor you, July is going to be intense. You are going to be in total conflict inside your mind and working hard to get things done.

You are faced with many opportunities and the more you work with them, the better they will play out. You should make an effort not to close the doors that open before you.





PiscesJuly is going to be a great month for most Pisces. You will allow your creative side to settle in and free yourself from the standards that society has imposed on you.

I know, it may not sound like much, but it will be very important as 2020 signs of progress. You are capable of so many things and things will really get better.

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