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Mars Square Pluto August 13th, 2020 – An Opportunity for Change

Each year, Mars partners with Pluto to make a cosmic alliance that disrupts our regular flow of life. It often pushes us out of our comfort zone to explore new horizons. In 2020, we will experience the Mars square Pluto not once but three times.

This indicates that 2020 is truly a year of reflection for us. A lot is changing, and the Mars square Pluto will provide more opportunities for change. So, expect disruption at your personal level, as well as globally.

The first of three 2020 Mars-Pluto squares will take place on August 13. And then October 9, then December 20. The three are connected and we will experience a scenario that unfolds with each alignment.

On October 9, the Mars-Pluto square will be the peak of its energy because Mars will also be retrograde at that time. Another important thing to note is that Mars will also square with Saturn at the same time. So, expect an extra layer of this powerful disruptive energy for the rest of 2020.



The meaning of the Mars-Pluto square:

As already noted, this alignment releases volatile energy. Thus, tense situations can arise in our collective life, which can become hostile. Everyone will feel a sense of unease and restlessness. In our personal lives, we will experience power struggles and increasing tensions. Some of us will also feel the need to break free by making impulsive decisions.

It will be a constant struggle over who controls what, as we seek to find independence and self-control. Our insecurities and fears could also be projected onto others who we believe have power over us. Be very careful with your actions in the next few days. Your inner problems can cloud your judgment.

While the Mars square Pluto alignment disrupts our usual ways, it will also encourage us to find our way and stay strong. We will feel the need to step into our true individual selves. The downside to this energy is that we might see anyone trying to block our paths as a threat to our self-realization.

If someone challenges our way of thinking, we might be triggered. The best thing to do during the Mars-Pluto square is to just keep calm. As part of this cosmic alliance, we will resist letting go because our fears of losing control will be at the forefront. One piece of advice is to trust the Universe and let the transformations take place on their own.

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How to deal with these energies?

Remember that the anxiety and fears you feel cause you to project it onto others. Whenever you feel triggered, keep calm and think about why you feel the way you do. Dig deep into your inner self and assess what the real problem is.

And even if you find that your animosity towards someone is valid, meditating on the matter will still do you good. What the Mars square Pluto is telling us is to stop focusing on what others control, but rather focus on what we control. What can you change? Take action and change it. Power struggles will highlight where you tend to give power away. Take note and work in this area.

Mars is a daring and fearless warrior. Take inspiration from it and accept the changes that Pluto will make. The Mars square Pluto trio of 2020 will guide us in dealing with our insecurities so that we can come out stronger.

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