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10 Characteristics of People with Unique Healing Energy

We all know that there are people who inspire positive emotions in us and people we call negative and toxic. However, there are those people who we believe heal us. These people have healing energy. They give off soothing vibrations for our soul and bring us harmony.

Most of us can feel this when playing with children, as their pure hearts radiate beauty, harmony, and innocence. The person with healing energy often does professions that include healing. These can vary from alternative medicine to authors and writers.

Their energy flows freely and inspires others to break free. This is what heals. They remind others of their inner truth. Here are the common traits of these people.

10 characteristics that mean you have healing energy:



1. You see yourself as an empath:

You take in energy from almost everything around you and therefore you feel tired and exhausted. Due to your ability to attach yourself to your surroundings, you see yourself as an empath.

You can certainly feel the energy of others.



2. You often spend time alone:

As the energy of the world makes you feel exhausted, you prefer to spend your time alone to stay in balance.

You need some alone time to recharge your batteries and get back to your normal energy level.



3. You want to move out of the cycle of society:

You think there is more to life than just making a ridiculous amount of money, so you always want to step out of the circle so you can help more people.

You don’t like to get caught and get stuck in the repetitive cycle of working to pay the bills and survive.



4. People turn to you for life advice:

People from all fields of life come to you to find the solution to their problems. You give great advice and they love it.

They always come to you with their problems and appreciate you listening and giving helpful advice.

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5. You are super intuitive:

10 Characteristics that Distinguish People with Healing EnergyAs you prefer to rely on your emotions rather than pure logic, you tend to make decisions based on your intuition.

You feel things and you just know when something is right and when something is wrong.



6. You’ve faced mental challenges in the past:

People with healing energy, due to their atypical nature, find it extremely difficult to fit into the world and therefore face many mental challenges of the world.

Anxiety and depression are two common problems.



7. You dislike social situations:

You don’t want to socialize or even hang out until it’s of paramount importance. Even if you socialize, what you do later is contrite because you feel exhausted after being out for a while.

You might enjoy the company of a close friend or two.



8. You can feel other people’s emotions:

If you can feel other people’s emotions, it’s a sure sign that you are an empath.

You need to be able to feel and understand unspoken emotions and the body language of others so that you can heal them.

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9. You love professions related to healing:

If you have a natural affinity towards healing professions, chances are you have healing energy.

We are drawn to the energy with which we resonate, so if you resonate primarily with the healing professions, your energy has something healing in itself.



10. Others feel comfortable in your presence:

Others can be their true selves around you because they feel comfortable and uplifted. You give off good energy and positive vibes.

People tend to open up their secrets because they feel comfortable around your healing and honest energy.


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