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Mercury Retrograde and 2019 Cuffing Season Will Be Very Beneficial for These 6 Zodiacal Signs

For those who do not know the cuffing season, it’s the cold season of the year (October to March) where people prefer to be in a relationship. They want a person to snuggle against them and seek warmth and gentleness.

The retrograde of Mercury is not the cupid of astrological forces. Most of us have a bad story or two about how the Mercury retrograde ruined an appointment, complicated a relationship or created an extremely damaging lack of communication. So, the fact that the beginning of the cuffing season fits perfectly with this event may seem ominous. That said, not all signs will feel the negative effects of this event.

Zodiac signs likely to benefit from Mercury’s retrograde fallout during the cuffing season are more affected by this period than others. For them, Mercury’s backward movement creates just enough energy to increase the romantic excitement and potential of powerful partnerships.

As temperatures drop and our activity levels drop, many of us will be looking for a good partner. If your sign is motivated by Mercury’s retrograde, you’re in luck, this cold cuffing season will be hotter than ever.

The signs affected by Mercury’s retrograde will simply have to wait until November 20 to find more chances to join – which, fortunately, is no longer too far away. These are the signs that may have the best chance of finding someone during Mercury’s retrograde and beyond:



1. Aries (March 21 – April 19):

With Mercury retrograde in your area of ​​intimacy, you will have plenty of time to reevaluate what you give and receive in your relationships. The sharing is put forward during this period, so you can really determine a balance.

This could mean that you and your partner will find a better balance and that it will become easier to share time and space without problems.




2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Important partnerships are particularly highlighted in this retrograde Mercury, which means that you are one of the most likely to focus relationships during this season. So, if you are in a relationship that does not work, it will become very clear and you will be ready to move on.

If this sounds like the best thing to do, go for it. And if you’re in a relationship that really works for you, you’ll have no problem getting things done, despite all of Mercury’s receding energy.




3. Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Retrograde Mercury causes a bit of trouble in your love life, but it will ultimately help you to move towards a better future. If you feel more emotional, it’s a good time, to be honest with yourself and your partner.

You should talk a lot during this time because you are more likely to find the right words and to be understood.




4. Scorpion (October 23 – November 21):

You probably reevaluate your needs and non-negotiable things at this point, and that goes beyond your relationships. You think about how past relationships have not gone the way you want and how you can help your current or future relationships flourish.

Use what you feel to communicate effectively with your partner because it is essential to express your needs.




5. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

Mercury retrograde is upsetting your social life, but your love life is also impacted. You see things a little differently these days and you might want to spice things up or point out to your friends that they do not invest enough in your relationships.

Some Capricorns might consider getting back with an ex during this season, which could work very well. As long as you are both on the same wavelength to go forward and leave the past where it is, it could be the reconciliation you were hoping for.




6. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Aquarians may not have more romantic energy during this time, they will be affected in another way. Retrograde Mercury is falling back in your career area, but it could also mean that you’ll have a lot of discussions with powerful people during this season.

If you are dating a successful person and want them to be with you, think of a way to get closer to him, because it will work in your favor. The right way to get there is strategy and your words, not the seduction of the heart. Do not forget that it will be a professional meeting, not romantic.




Whether it’s the retrograde of Mercury that brings you back to an ex with a chance to make a new start or a new relationship, this change of energy will inevitably lead you to a partner you need. So, accept what the universe brings you and cuddle your partner warm because it’s cold outside.

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