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Monthly Horoscope October 2020 For Each Zodiac Sign

We’re always fascinated by what our zodiac sign says about our lives, whether it’s the most compatible signs or how each sign handles conflict in relationships.

This month we are called to focus less on our egos and more on ways we can show ourselves to others and do our part to make the world a better place for all. The month starts with a very sensitive Full Moon in aggressive Aries (October 1), which could cause an eruption of anger.

However, this Full Moon prompts us to put aside small arguments and look for ways to contribute to the common good. On October 2, Venus enters thoughtful and dedicated Virgo, which encourages us to help or serve others and do what we can to bring the best of ourselves to our relationships. For some of us, Venus in Virgo will require that we raise our relationship standards.

On October 4, power-hungry Pluto ends its five-month retrograde in Capricorn, helping us initiate a rebirth somewhere in our lives where things may seem dead or we have suffered a loss. While we’re not quite done with retrogrades just yet, as Mercury retrogrades in laser-focused Scorpio from October 13 to 27, Mercury dips back into Libra.

As with any Mercury retrograde, it’s best to check information and travel plans, but with Mercury in Scorpio, we may need to admit a truth we’ve avoided and avoided spreading any gossip. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, we may need to make amends with the people we’ve wronged or renegotiated contracts and agreements.

On the 16th, a New Moon in Libra asks us not only to consider a more optimistic future but to unite to work towards that future. This feeling continues when Venus returns home to Libra on October 27.

With Venus in Libra, equality and justice are the only currencies that matter. On the 31st, we end the month with a Full Moon in Taurus, which asks us to expect the unexpected and be open to change. Happy birthday, Scorpio!





This month asks you to focus a little less on yourself and be more aware of how the things you do (or don’t do) affect others. That said, in what ways can you make a more positive impact on others through your words and actions?

Some difficult but vulnerable conversations (like an apology) may be necessary. In terms of health and well-being, balance and pleasure are essential. Along with the quarry, a rebirth is coming.





If you’ve been feeling exhausted lately, this month is helping you bounce back both physically and mentally. Your creative energy is coming back in full force, so immerse yourself in this project or a creative outlet, become obsessed with a hobby, and use your talents.

Doing so will be therapeutic for you. In the meantime, it’s time to bring some more balance to your diet and your schedule. With relationships, watch for communication issues.





Consider this a month for fine-tuning and revising, especially when it comes to your skills, job, and running your day-to-day affairs. Stress levels can be high, but the time spent at home or with loved ones will give you a break.

Improving your living space and making it more comfortable will also help offset stress. All in all, you get the green light this month to focus largely on joy. Romance becomes interesting.





This month you are asked to remember and recognize how talented you are. Not only will this help you avoid looking outside yourself for validation, but it will also help you remember that you don’t have to stay in places where you aren’t appreciated.

You have options. You also have the right combination of charm and wit to get where you want to go. Beware of drama with family or an ex. Improve your home life.

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While you don’t always have to be right or have the last word, you absolutely need to stand up for your beliefs. And if there’s something you’ve been silent about for too long, that could change this month, which is where family or a home-related matter is concerned.

There are also things you may need to walk back some things said, but take that as a sign of growth. Financially, things are improving. Big ideas require practical steps.





You are worthy, Virgo. That’s the message to keep in mind this month as your insecurities could multiply. You’re driven to love everything about yourself, not just the pretty pieces.

Still, this might be a good time to invest in things that make you feel good inside and out, while also working to be more confident and making sure others know it. Also, keep an eye on your money and your words.





You may find that it’s better to be alone and do what makes you happy rather than being involved with people who take you for granted or are constantly pushing your limits.

October gives you the green light to focus on yourself for a change, as well as the chance to get something off your chest. A missed opportunity might come too, but money could be funny. Budget accordingly.





You are called to be more intentional about the people or things that grab your attention this month because not everything will be worth obsessing about.

Practicing the art of detachment and objectivity will save you headaches and sleepless nights, as will relying on your friends and community for love and support. You are also encouraged to develop your spiritual muscles. Faith and effort lead to success.

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You’re pushed to focus more on the long term in October than the short term. It is not enough to want what you want, but you will have to take small steps to get there.

Remember to not get discouraged or give up if things don’t happen immediately. The way forward will be revealed soon enough. For now, avoid gossip and keep your eyes on your own paper. On the career side, your hard work pays off.





Lean on others, Capricorn. It’s a big theme for you this month, as you find out that you can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything on your own. Friendships can get a little sticky as you are called upon to communicate your needs or how you need support more directly.

Meanwhile, October offers you the chance to take your career further than you have in a long time. Have confidence in what you have to offer.





It might be easy to get caught up in petty dramas and squabbles now, but this month asks you to be more insightful and grown-up about the things you choose to respond to or talk about versus the things you don’t.

Practice discretion. You might find that maybe it’s not as certain about something or someone as you once were. Take it as a signal to open up to a different point of view or learn something new.





Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone this month as you are called upon to open up to new people, new tastes, and new ways. What worked for you in the past won’t work for you now, which is why this growth spurt is needed.

Try not to worry, because confronting what scares you will give you the power and build your self-confidence. That said, don’t take things at face value. Investigate further.



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