You are currently viewing New Moon in Leo on August 18 – Intense Energies Pushes Us into Action

New Moon in Leo on August 18 – Intense Energies Pushes Us into Action

The Sun’s powers get a boost when it transitions to Leo every year. As the Moon begins a new cycle on August 18, we will experience the intensity of the New Moon in Leo. The Moon in hiding will remind us that even after the darkest night, the shining Sun still rises to energize us.

As the sky remains dark, we will be guided to align with our inner Sun. We have to allow the light to illuminate the things within us that have been hiding in the shadows all this time.

The year has brought many drastic changes, some quite negative. But we must be grateful for the many opportunities that are offered to us to grow and evolve. Intense Energies Come with a Fiery New Moon on August 18th

Did you take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves? Think about ways to double down on any new options you might get in the coming months. Remember that maximizing an opportunity doesn’t always mean it has to be about productivity. An opportunity to sit back and relax in the middle of a busy time should be as much exploited as an opportunity to start a new project.

The Leo New Moon will tell us to get the most out of the opportunities we are presented to. The Moon will send positive waves to us and fill us with optimism. This will give us the motivation to get through the rest of the year.

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New Moon in Leo and Mars:

Intense Energies Come with a Fiery New Moon on August 18thAs the Moon rises in Leo, Mars will also become quite active. Mars will be in conjunction with Eris, known as the Goddess of Discord. Not only that, but Mars will also be squared with Pluto and Saturn while being in a trine with the Moon and the Sun. Could it be any busier?

The New Moon produces an explosion of positive and motivating energy, just like Mars. We will experience an energy overdrive as Mars pushes us into action. The fiery energy of Mars will help us eliminate all the work in progress.

But on the other hand, those of us who have been constantly overworked will now feel exhausted by the energy of Mars. This is why you should listen to your body and find your balance. The energy of Mars will overwhelm us in submission or push us to complete projects, both will be with the ultimate goal of restoring a proper balance in our lives.

Whatever you see manifesting in your life as the New Moon in Leo is operating, its magic is actually what you need. You may not be realizing your true needs but trust the universe. Be patient and find ways to calm the rising energy levels.

Under the Leo new moon, you also need to protect your energy. A herbal cleanses, sitting with your crystals or a saltwater bath can work wonders. With the influence of Mars being so strong, you can also exercise and do breathwork.

As the New Moon begins to turn full, we will notice an overhaul of information that was previously unknown. Also, be prepared to face painful truths. With so much powerful energy floating around, friction and tension will increase. When you first start arguing with a loved one, remember that the friction is temporary, but the love and care you share is stronger.

We need to be aware of others’ experiences. Instead of berating them, give them the benefit of the doubt. Tap into the light that the Moon will provide to calm you down. Let Mars ignite your inner fire to get things done, but don’t let it consume you. Channel the energy in love while staying connected to the calm of the Moon.

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