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How the New Moon in Leo on August 18, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The August 2020 New Moon rises on Tuesday, August 18 in the bold and majestic Leo sign, and it helps all zodiac signs embrace their inner diva in a good way! Creative energy will inspire each sign a little differently, of course, so you’ll want to know how the August 2020 New Moon will affect you.

Whatever your zodiac sign, the Leo season’s New Moon is a fabulous time to put renewed energy into your passionate plans and start taking action to make your most playful and enjoyable dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to step up and be a leader in your own life under this luminary.

With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury grouped together in fiery Leo and the New Moon forming a lucky trine aspect with Mars, expect to feel more motivated to pursue whatever you want.

It’s time to express yourself with all the drama, flair, and sparkle you can muster up. Make sure you check August 2020 New Moon will affect each zodiac sign so that you can make the most of its energy:




AriesThis New Moon makes you feel playful, loving, and a lot of fun, Aries, and with your governing planet, Mars, supercharging this luminary with more energy and zeal, you’ll be unstoppable when it comes to embarking on creative endeavors or even starting new hobbies.

Be social, embrace your artistic side, and let your passion guide you in your next endeavor.





TaurusYour home is your sanctuary, Taurus, so get inspired to make it the aesthetic palate you deserve. Use the energy of the New Moon to make your living space reflect your creative side.

Move your furniture around, frame artwork from your closet, or shop for fun new accessories to add pops of color to your space.





GeminiSocializing and connecting with old friends will bring a lot of joy and inspiration into your life under the light of this luminary, Gemini.

Set time aside for some FaceTime with a friend or catch up on texts to see how your crew is doing in the madness of 2020. You will find that these conversations can renew your passion and energy.





CancerThe Leo vibrations of this New Moon are helping you realize that you deserve the best, Cancer, so indulge yourself in some luxurious forms of self-care.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it and don’t be reckless with your crazy spending because that energy could blow you away.

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LeoYou are the star of this New Moon show, Leo, so this is a great time to embrace the magic of glamor and the power to create your image.

Wear your flashiest outfit, try out bold new makeup looks, and spend more time pampering and getting ready in the morning. There is power in the art of dressing and glamor and experimenting with that can help open up new channels of creativity.





VirgoLeave your practical mind behind this New Moon and immerse yourself in your fantasies. Virgo, this can be an exciting time to explore your dreams, connect with mystical practices, and allow your mind to embrace new possibilities.

Write down your craziest New Moon intentions and light a candle to infuse them with the fiery power of Leo.





LibraNo one knows how to bring balance and harmony to a group better than you, Libra, so build your confidence and step into a leadership role under this New Moon.

Whether it’s among your coworkers, within your group of friends, or even for a social justice cause you care about, don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands and share your creative visions for a better future.





ScorpioNow’s your time to shine with bold career moves, Scorpio.

If you’re looking for a new gig, can’t wait to share some creative ideas with your boss, or obsessing over being overdue for a raise, now is a great time to take steps and start speaking up. The odds are in your favor.

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SagittariusYour free-spirited nature is in hyperdrive under this New Moon, Sagittarius, so say yes to your wildest impulses and get ready for exciting new adventures.

Whether it’s booking a last-minute camping trip with your partner or signing up for a creative online course for the fall semester, you’re sure to find some excitement in this luminary.





CapricornCongratulate yourself on the growth and transformation you have achieved in your personal life and in the field of mental health, Capricorn.

Continue to set the boundaries you need to set and work towards achieving privacy and security in your closest relationships. Being true to yourself will help protect yourself from whatever life throws at you, so do it with confidence.





AquariusYou thrive in a group, but try to put aside the excitement and passion to focus on your closest one-on-one relationships under this New Moon, Aquarius.

That’s because you will find that the people closest to you will serve as the perfect sounding board for your freshest and most innovative new ideas.





PiscesYou are ready to clean up your calendar and restructure your schedule to allow your talents to shine, Pisces.

Instead of always trying to play catch-up, get in touch with your current goals and inspirations under this New Moon and start figuring out what changes you can make to your routine that allow you to put more energy into your passions.

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