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Psychics, Can They Really Predict the Future?

Quite often, both mediums, psychics and ordinary people, have premonitions.  Maybe for themselves, or it could be around world events, like the recent war or natural disasters in which lives are lost.  You can read many reports of how many people had premonitions about life events, and they weren’t people who usually dealt with psychic phenomena, but the feeling was overwhelming.



This is how psychics work, through the faculty of feeling, but they switch it off and on, using a variety of skills that non-psychic people don’t know of.  It can happen to ordinary people who are not working, while psychics who work evoke skill at will.  We can all be psychics, but many of us; don’t choose to be psychic.



It’s worth noting that not everything is predetermined.  It is easy to think that people can have a predetermined, not so enchanted, magical life.  The reality is that we all have free will.  As adults, we have free will and are responsible for our lives, our choices, our well-being and ourselves.  We learn, grow and mature through the life challenges we overcome.  So we pass it on to the generation that comes behind us: wisdom!


Free Will

Consider how inspiration is nothing without practicality and vice versa; an idea is just an idea until you turn it into a plan.  You can’t know how you are doing if you don’t analyse and evaluate.  Don’t live at work; balance your mind, body and spirit with your emotions.  All these are in balance as you use your free will to map out your future.  Of course, we are all restrained to some degree by political, economic and class systems, but we will always have our free will.



We can save our lives from the worst of the phases we find ourselves in with love and determination.  Ethical psychics will always want to empower you to take back control of your self-love and future.  And to know that you are surrounded by your loved ones in spirit, who encourage you and extend that invisible hand to you whether you know it and believe it or not.



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