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The 3 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs, It’s Not What You Think

Being manipulative is generally considered a toxic quality for someone. I bet even the mere mention of the word brings back memories of two-timing ex-boyfriends, shady colleagues who sabotaged your success, and cold-hearted politicians who derail society time after time.

However, not all forms of manipulation are so insidious. If it is a dangerous talent, its influence can be used for both good and bad. The three most manipulative zodiac signs are certainly capable of both.

I mean, let’s be real here. As people, we manipulate each other every day. Think about it: you manipulate your friends by convincing everyone to go for the expensive and trendy brunch spot you love on Sunday morning.

You are also manipulative when you persuade your teacher to give you an A- instead of a B+ on your overall mark when you know you have skipped class 7 times. Hey, you are even a little manipulative when you bring flowers and chocolates to your s.o. after a fight (that you started).

Some of us are simply more convincing than others. Scorpio, Cancer, and Gemini are more inclined to the art of manipulation, with Pisces and Leo as honorable mentions.

More advanced people with these signs will use their powers of persuasion to help those who need it, to fight for what they believe in, to enlighten and uplift whomever they meet. On the other hand, they can also use their talents to do terrible and unjustifiable things. Either way, their abilities are something to see.



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ScorpioThe sneaky strategist

Scorpio very appropriately symbolizes the most manipulative sign of the entire zodiac. It is a sneaky little creature whose unexpected bite has a deadly impact. This is the power that a Scorpio is capable of.

They have a sense of inner ambition that they keep close to their chest, spending a lot of time monitoring their environment with a hidden agenda. Capable of detecting your weaknesses, they will tell you exactly what you want to hear and memorize everything you tell them in return, in case this information could prove useful later.

What makes them so unique is that Scorpios can see perfectly in the dark. They capture important details that people are often too afraid to look for. This ability allows them to easily bypass others.

But in their cunning ways, there is not only an attempt to take control but also to protect their interests and those they love. If you have a Scorpio on your side, you are very lucky. If you’re on their bad side well, you better start making amends.

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CancerThe sulking sweetheart.

Cancer’s manipulation stems from their deep and unexplored sea of emotions. These waters are not always calm; they can be stormy and overwhelming. Cancer feels lost in them without having the assurance that they are loved and they will manipulate the people in their life until they receive it.

Since they are rarely direct when communicating their intentions, they resort to brooding and moped until their dissatisfaction is clearly expressed. They are wary of most people while also being human lie detectors, making manipulation their preferred method of navigating emotions. This dichotomy of wanting love, but also being suspicious of everyone who tries to love them, causes them a ton of stress.

Really, Cancer just wants to keep loved ones as close as possible. They have a lot of love to give, perhaps the most love of any other zodiac sign, and they are very eager to give it. In fact, it is not possible for Cancer to completely lose someone. They will think of you years after you stop talking, wondering how they can love you from afar.





GeminiThe charming enchanter.

You have heard horror stories about the two-faced wizard who is a Gemini, and I am here to tell you that they are true. They contain a multitude of faces and they will wear the face that best suits their environment.

Adaptable in nature, they can go through any type of community, turning into someone the community will trust. They also have a dangerous way with words, weaving together beautiful statements that may or may not be true.

You will believe them anyway. These Geminis can sell you hot tea on a sweltering summer afternoon in the middle of Arizona. At the heart of Gemini’s intentions is the desire to make things interesting.

Their manipulations are generally more ironic than genuinely dangerous (unless they are). They have a fierce need to leave their mark on the world, even if it is not necessarily the mark they are meant to leave. They just want the chance to live every life there is to live, to know people who are not like them at all.

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