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The 4 Signs of the Zodiac that Will Be the Least Affected by the Full Moon of September 2019

The next Full Moon, called “Harvest Moon”, will take place on September 14, 405,355 km from the Earth in the sign of Pisces. This is an important event in terms of change and transformation.

This Full Moon will give us another chance to start the fall with a new perspective. As dreamy as the energy of Pisces may be, we will nevertheless have friction. However, some signs of the zodiac will be less influenced by the effects of the Full Moon, so it is essential to know where your sign is.

This Full Moon will be very intense, we will receive a ton of frenetic energy that could make us very anxious. The Moon will be conjoined with Neptune, so we could feel confused, suspicious and our vision might be blurry. The Moon will also square with Mars, which could make us impulsive and angry. Read Also: Full Moon in Pisces on September 14, 2019: Positive Transformation and Rebirth.

But it is not because there will be some turbulence that it will be difficult for everyone. It only means that you will have to take care of yourself and take time to recognize and honor your feelings.

Use the talent of the season of the Blessed Virgo to identify areas that need improvement and use the benevolent spiritual understanding of the Moon in Pisces to work with the energy of this light.

It seems that some signs, in particular, have less difficulty working with the next vibrations of the Moon. Discover the zodiac signs that September’s Full Moon will affect the least:



Aries (March 21 – April 19):

In recent times, you have gritted your teeth to work despite the pain. Although it is both noble and impressive, it is important that you remember to take time for yourself. Take a day off to forget your work and anxiety for a moment.




Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Cancer, lately you have experienced a lot of stress and encountered many obstacles, but fortunately, this Full Moon should bring you the opposite of chaos. Take time to do more relaxing activities. For example, take a meditation class to follow the moon and leave your worries behind. You will feel completely refreshed.




Libra (September 23 – October 22):

Mercury and Venus will soon enter your sign, Libra, your return is imminent! That said, this Full Moon is a sweet celebration of change: a homecoming party. Take some rest now to recharge your batteries for your next birthday celebrations.




Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

Even if you have worked hard to tidy up your business lately, you know that you have no control over the affairs or actions of others. During this Full Moon, use your communication skills to rectify any drama arising from sources outside of you. Put an end to gossip and false information that spreads with a simple message.





When the Moon is in sextile with Pluto, it makes your subconscious more intense and stronger. Your deepest feelings may appear and overwhelm you, but you will also have the opportunity to master them as well as your emotions.

You will also interact more with other people, which will help you better understand certain things. In addition, the Constellation of Phoenix will allow you to revitalize yourself, to be reborn, to bring out a new you. Read Also: The 4 Zodiac Signs that Will Feel Most the Effects of the Full Moon in Pisces.

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