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The 4 Zodiac Signs that Love Starting Drama

You don’t have to go through life to create drama. You could make the conscious decision to navigate life without causing conflict, by navigating smoothly and leaving the world behind in peace.

But where is the fun in there? Conflict makes things interesting. Without it, no story would be captivating, no dream would be worth following, and we would be wasting our precious time on Earth feeling nothing.

Fortunately for us, there will always be these certain people who will do everything possible to cause a disturbance. In fact, there are even certain signs of the zodiac that like to start drama. Humanly incapable of taking a cold pill and letting go, they absolutely make sure that drama is present.

While we can all use a little drama in our lives to keep things exciting, some people go too far in concept. Drama can definitely become routine.

For some people, staying calm and relaxed for a long time may make you want to shake things up a bit. If they spend too much time without sipping some tea, they will spill the damn tea themselves.

And don’t lie, you know you also like it too. Beware. Although this tea tastes juicy, it can turn your life upside down.



Aries: They argue just for the sake of it

While some choose to ignore negative interventions in life and move on, an Aries simply cannot resist taking the opportunity to start a fight. It doesn’t matter what the fight is about.

It could start with a stranger saying something offensive in their presence, a customer service representative looking up, or their boyfriend leaving the toilet seat up for the second time today. Either way, an Aries will never descend without fighting.

If you try to tell an Aries to breathe deeply and rise above it, you will only make him angry. Fortunately, the sight of an Aries rolling up his sleeves and preparing for a heated argument is enough to send anyone running in the opposite direction. Which is smart, because an Aries will always win.




Gemini: They start an argument and watch it go down

A Gemini does not directly start the drama. Oh no, they prefer to stir the drama behind the scenes, pit people against each other and spread gossip that may or may not be true.

The following show is exactly the type of entertainment that Gemini needs. The worst part? Their double-sided personality allows them to easily put on a shy face and pretend that they have nothing to do with it. Good luck trying to figure out who started the whole mess, because you can never prove it was Gemini.

Perpetually agitated and inevitably annoyed, a Gemini cannot resist creating a disturbance when things are going well. Peace and calm? Not in the Gemini world. They are thirsty for drama as some people are thirsty for sugar.




Cancer: Their mood swings make everyone lightheaded

Cancer has more moods than a rainbow has colors. Each of them is dramatic, intense and overwhelming. They say that Geminis has two personalities.

Well, Cancer has at least 10, and they have no control over any of them. Even the most subtle energy changes are enough to send Cancer into one of their dreaded moods.

One minute, they are cuddly and sweet. The next day, they are everyone’s worst nightmare. If you are close to a Cancer, you know that it will attack you and kiss you in the same breath.

If you ever offer to help Cancer learn to control his emotions, Cancer will probably laugh. Or shout. Or cry. They just can’t help but cause drama with their moods.




Leo: They are drama queens

A Leo will transform even the most minor conflict into a full-blown saga. It’s like they think they’re in a movie and it’s the most important role in their lives; the one who will win them this Oscar.

For Leo, everything is dramatic. For everyone in Leo’s life, this drama is never too far away. While something might seem completely insignificant to someone else, Leo sees it as an opportunity to overreact.

People who know a Leo well are probably constantly trying to explain that they should just let go of certain things. However, Leo cannot hear them. They are too busy thinking about how they are going to blow the next thing out of proportion.



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