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The Astrological Events of July: Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn and New Moon in Leo

A new eclipse season is coming and it will start with a solar eclipse next week. July’s powerful celestial events are many: Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn and New Moon in Leo.


With the sun in Cancer, this total solar eclipse will take place on  2 July 2019 and will have a lot of influence on family issues.

We will be pushed to change our living environment for the better and to create closer ties with our family.

Our support network will grow as we provide more assistance, listening and support to those who need it. The emotional power of Cancer will help us better understand our own emotions and those of others.

Because of its position at the bottom of the zodiac wheel, Cancer encourages us from scratch or to focus on abandoned or unfinished projects. By using the power and energy of Cancer, we can go to the bottom and the end of things.

Sextile Uranus in Taurus and this eclipse, are an opportunity for us to regain our independence or to reaffirm it and to further assert our needs. Innovation and inspiration will be important through the creative influence of Uranus in our lives.



Then, a lunar eclipse will take place on July 16th in Capricorn.

There will be no better time to enjoy the fruit of your work. As the leader of all ambitions, Capricorn ensures that all efforts are rewarded.

During this lunar eclipse, we will have a huge breakthrough or finally, we will succeed in something we have been working on for a while.

On the other hand, there is also a risk of failure if we do not manage our work properly. Do not distract yourself and do not stray from your strategy. Think about the things you do and analyze as many times as necessary.

Since this eclipse is also aligned with Pluto, it creates a spark of passion in our hearts and a profound change of energy. If we find something interesting, we will devote all our energy to it.

Not only will we improve, but we will also improve the world around us. But if you are confused by something, you can break the flow of that energy at a given moment, so be sure to channel your emotions in a constructive way.



We can also look forward to the next new moon on July 31st.

Taking place in Leo and also with the passing of Mercury retrograde at the same time, there will be a certain positivity that will be injected with the upheaval that the two eclipses will surely cause.

Leo’s influence will help us look on the bright side so that we do not fall into a bad pattern or follow bad energy.

There is a lot of creativity in Leo’s energy, so channel it into your work. It will also help you get rid of some of the feelings that hold you back.

You will have all the attention you desire and you will also find that the limits of your comfort zone will be expanded.

With the square of Uranus/Taurus, there will also be a lot of rebellion during this new moon as Uranus prepares to become retrograde in August.

You will fight to keep your independence, but do not give in to some of your brutal ideas and make the most of this profound change of energy.

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