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The New Moon of September 28, 2019 is a Super Moon and Brings Balance

Like all the New Moons, the one on September 28 will be crucial for transformation and healing. Since this is also a Super Moon, you can expect to feel its effects more intensely.

Saturn arrives in the south node while Chiron also becomes very active, which means that this New Moon will bring challenges and upheavals. But you will also transform yourself as a result of this.

Since Venus is ruled by Libra, the New Moon will make us look at things in a very different way during this season. Our relations will be very present, which will also lead us to introspection. We will examine the very nature of our relationships. The relationships we have will help us in our journey through life.

This New Moon will make it easier for us to set the tone for our relationships, either by improving them, by taking a distance or by setting better limits.

We could even reduce the distance between us and our partners. If your relationship does not seem to work or is causing you a lot of problems, it will also give you the intuition to get away from it or make things better.

Sometimes the universe sends people or events into our lives that do not behave really well with us. But they still teach us valuable lessons and are sometimes a revelation for us.

Let the New Moon open you such portals, where you can find the love in your heart to be able to deal with these people and your partner. Not only will this teach you patience and forgiveness, but it will also lead you to a greater awareness of yourself in your relationships.

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The month of September is sensitive, with the season of Libra and the New Moon.

The New Moon of September 28, 2019 is a Super Moon and Brings Balance

But the equinox will ensure that the veil between reality and fiction is at a minimum, which will allow us to go through the trials more serenely.

The very fragment of nature is changing. Nothing is constant and things are transient in nature. Mother Nature grows, flourishes and changes constantly. Do not hold back, transform yourself.

So do not be afraid to go inside yourself and find the other side. Also, because the energy will be strong during this time, you might as well use it to create something for yourself. Ask what you really need to live or what you really need for this end of 2019. When you ask yourself these questions, you will be able to use energy even better to your advantage.

We all know that Libra is about balance. Now, while many energies are at stake during this New Moon, Libra is always aware of the underlying equilibrium of all these things. This is the 7th sign, this magic number is very strong spiritually. Libra wants us to seek the balance that unites us in the worlds between the spiritual and physical manifestations of reality.

Remember, we live in this world but we do not have to suffer. Although we can focus on what we are doing, there is a lot of happiness in not getting involved in the physical domain. You can just watch it from a viewer’s point of view, experiencing what it means to be human. Use this New Moon in Libra to get rid of things that affect you. Because they are often not worth it.

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We know that you want a balance in life.

But the balance you are looking for may be superficial: whether it is material things or your career and personal life. You must also seek balance by accepting what fate holds for you and what you need to work on.

You can not change everything you do not want, sometimes you just have to accept that you are human and submit to the forces of nature. Balance does not just mean the balance between you and someone else. It also means, above all, the harmony between you and what surrounds you.

It is the balance between what is and what should be. Find it. Open to the energy of Libra.

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