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A Time For Self-Care, The Black Moon Is Upon Us!

What Is A Black Moon?

April 30th will mark a rare astronomical phenomenon – a “Black Moon“.

But those hoping to see this celestial event may have a problem: it’s usually not possible to see it.

The black moon is the second new moon in a calendar month. When the new moon rises on April 30th, it will close a month that began with a new moon on April 1st.

A second New Moon in the same month is the most common, occurring about once every 29 months. Because of time zone differences, the month they happen can vary.  

Typically, a full moon occurs when the side of the moon facing Earth is completely illuminated by the sun. Whereas a new moon occurs when the side facing Earth is completely covered in shadow.

Unfortunately, you will be lucky to witness this new moon phase. With the moon’s dark side facing Earth, it can be nearly impossible to make out in the dark night sky.

But there are places where this will not be the case. Part of the Dark Moon will be visible when it partially eclipses the sun on Saturday. You can spot the partial solar eclipse from southern South America, Antarctica, and parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. For residents and penguins, the silhouette of the black moon will be visible against the sun.


What to do during the dark moon.

Self-Care.  You might find yourself a bit cranky. They call it a Black Moon for a reason. So take some time for yourself, get some extra sleep and treat yourself to the downtime you deserve.

Purify.  Take the opportunity to cleanse your soul, Do your favourite releasing ritual, or take a purifying bath. Whatever you need to do to wipe the slate clean.

Cleanse.  Take your time to clean your house from top to bottom, change the bedding and clean the bathroom. With the new moon, you want to set the table for the new month to begin.


What not to do during the dark moon.

Party.  It’s not the time to host, whether it’s a party, event or even a big meeting. You are likely to feel drained, so anything that requires you to be on the ball should be avoided if possible.

New Projects.  During the Dark Moon is not the time to start a new project. Be patient, wait a day or two it will be a much better time for a new venture.

Be Hard On Yourself.  If you’re feeling low, remember you are probably not the only one. Don’t force productivity and allow yourself to rest for a couple of days until the new lunar cycle arrives.


Crystals that may help during the Black Moon.

Labradorite – Transformation

Tektite – Stone of Sensitivity

Obsidian – Removal of Negative Energies

Iolite – Exploration and Illumination

Black Moonstone – Intuition and Feminine Energies

Garnet- Protection from Evil

Smoky Quartz- Grounding


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