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The New Moon in Aquarius Will Be the Best for These Signs of the Zodiac

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and noticed that the moon is nowhere to be seen? You might be surprised to know that even if the moon is hiding, it still exerts its magic on your soul.

An evening without a visible moon is what is called a “new” moon, and it is one of the most powerful phases of the lunar cycle. So powerful, in fact, that it is the best time to start something new, plant the seeds of an intention and free yourself from the past.

Are you ready to take 2020 by a storm? Because the new moon of January 2020 will be the best for these zodiac signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – and for them, this new departure is heading straight for a beautiful place.

Set in a humane, community-oriented and quirky Aquarius, this new moon is about letting your abnormal flag fly without excuses. It is also about sharing the wealth with others, resisting injustice and working for a worthy cause. How can you tell the difference? Believe it or not, giving a positive example only leads to more positivity, so align yourself with your values and fight for what you believe in.

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Forming a square with precipitated, independent and unpredictable Uranus, this new moon wants you to dig deep and exploit what makes you unique. The world can try to put you in a box and file you to perfection, but your rough, jagged edges are what makes you powerful.

The January 2020 New Moon Will Be The Best For These Zodiac Signs:



Gemini: You see the world in a whole new way

It’s time to step back and admire the view, Gemini. You tend to be so obsessed with the smallest details and cling to a drama that really doesn’t affect your life. Think about the big picture and focus on how it all comes together.

There are more opportunities than you can count, and what you choose to trust will inevitably affect every aspect of your life. Choose to have faith in something that inspires, rocks, and encourages you. Don’t be afraid to believe in something bigger than yourself.




Libra: You stretch your imagination and come to life

There is a fire that breaks out in your soul. You have great ideas, the instinct to create and the desire to have fun. Why were you put on this earth other than to profit from it? Remember, life is too short to spend worrying, judging and following the rules.

Do whatever makes you feel alive. When you were a child, you never wondered if you looked stupid or if you were “supposed” to do something. As a child, you lived fully in the present moment and you trusted your instincts. Reconnect with your childlike wonder, Libra.




Aquarius: You become a new and improved version of yourself

You put a lot of pressure on yourself, Aquarius. You are passionate about being the most unique, progressive and refined version of yourself. That’s why you can’t help but challenge the status quo. You just make sure you stay true to your beliefs, no matter how out of this world they may be.

However, this passion can sometimes translate into a fear of being ordinary, which can let you deny your true feelings. Being yourself doesn’t make you ordinary. In fact, it does just the opposite. By recognizing the parts of you that are not perfect, you only strengthen your confidence.

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