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Tomorrow’s New Moon in Aquarius – You’ll Need to Deal with Your Emotions

Open your heart with the first new moon of the lunar year 2020! The first new moon of 2020 is going to bring abrupt changes to our lives. Rising in Aquarius, the Moon on January 24 will be calm and intense and will have an immense impact. This will spread volatile energy and create discomfort for all of us.

On January 22, the Sun and Uranus will form a square that will further fuel the intensity of the New Moon. Uranus, being the ruler of Aquarius, will trigger the New Moon to make us more emotional than they normally do.

Change is also associated with Uranus and under its influence, the Moon will ask us to review and change how we feel about certain live events.



Often our emotions are dormant deep within us and we are not aware of it.

We tend to repel emotions, but they don’t go away. They are still there, waiting to surface when we finally allow ourselves to recognize them.

This Aquarian Moon will help us deal with such emotions, not only in January but throughout 2020. The change Uranus should bring about will affect these emotions and how we will manage them.




The Aquarius New Moon will guide us and tell us not to bury our emotions.

Emotional vulnerability is not what we want to deal with, but this vulnerability is accompanied by great freedom. While you’re afraid of being so open, it will also overpower your empathy.

What does this imply? The many planetary changes and cosmic alignments that must take place in 2020 aim to teach us to be more open, more loving and more empathetic.

When you feel like closing your emotions and retreating to your safe space, try to keep your heart open consciously. When you encounter negative energy from others, instead of judging or avoiding them, try to send your positive vibrations towards them. They need it.

The power of love that each of us commands is greater than all negativity. Even when you use crystals and other objects, their power would not be as powerful as your true emotions and vibrations.

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When you are harsh in your expressions, that is what you will receive in return.

But when you soften, open your heart to the many miracles of the Universe, you will find good in everything.

The moon goddess knows that it is not always easy for us to be open, it can be difficult for some. This is why we see it evolving in phases. While she is once the Full Moon, open and full of love when she needs to withdraw, love is still there but like the New Moon.

She is always open but it simply moves differently, working according to its cycles. This is what we must also learn. When to be vulnerable and when to withdraw.




So, this Lunar New Year, our goal should be to be more open and let emotional freedom guide us.

Being the first New Moon, also under the influence of Uranus and Aquarius, it will send erratic vibrations and we will have to anchor ourselves. If you want to brave this phase, you have to let your heart shine.

When you feel overwhelmed, instead of retreating, try to open your heart a little more. This will allow you to better align with your powers and you will feel more secure.

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Once you are better aligned with your powers, Aquarius the humanitarian will tell you to extend your positive powers to the community.

The world suffers enough. When you send your share of positivity, however small or large, it creates an impact. The night of the Aquarian Moon would be an ideal time to extend your energies to the world, to Mother Earth and to yourself.

Volatile energy will now make you want to double and protect yourself and your energy. But you must do the opposite. Have the courage to love a little more in the face of all odds. Let yourself honestly feel all the emotions you are trying to bury.

You don’t have to sit back and find the meaning of your emotions. No. You just have to let yourself feel. Open your heart chakra, let it guide you into the big bad world. Go beyond your barriers. When you don’t feel safe and want to return to your safe quarters, you should challenge yourself to do the opposite.

Don’t be afraid, the New Moon is here to help you. Enjoy the first new moon of 2020!



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