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These Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected The Least By The New Moon in Aquarius

The first new moon of the new year will invisibly rise in the night sky on Friday, January 24, 2020, at 4:42 p.m. EST. But just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean we can’t feel it.

Unfortunately for the signs of the zodiac sensitive to its influence, this luminary will not be an entirely positive experience. While most new moons are occasional opportunities to turn your thoughts and energy inward to reflect on the month before and in front of you, this new moon is influenced by Aquarius and Uranus, and the combination could be explosive for some.

While there are no long-term effects that the signs should worry about, some signs will need to pay attention to extreme moods, anxiety, insecurity, and overall uncertainty, thanks to nature’s unpredictable Aquarius and the emotional instability of Uranus.

That said, the signs of the zodiac that are not easily influenced by these influential forces may, in fact, come into contact with their feelings, make bold decisions and plan the month ahead with a level of focus and concentration rarely achievable.

4 Zodiac Signs The January 2020 New Moon Will Affect The Least:



1. Gemini:

This new moon will open your mind, Gemini. “Academics are particularly favored or connect to spiritual retreat and meditation.

Let your soul grow at this time, noting that you will be in a privileged state of mind to have an epiphany meaningful or creative idea, so give yourself the resources to explore in this way during this time.




2. Cancer:

Although other signs can be held back by personal problems, you really do feel focused and clear about the future. Do not try to take too much on your own. Now is the time to work with a partner to move your life forward, rocking the boat and demanding more than you are prepared to put on could be problematic later this season.

If you communicate your needs in an articulated way, you could see your wishes fulfilled. Being on the same page is essential, especially if that partner happens to be one of the signs that are emotionally distracted by the new moon.




3. Sagittarius:

There are a lot of thoughts and feelings that you have clung to, they accumulate at this point and it will help you to share them under the new moon. You’re in luck because this light will invite you to speak your mind, giving you the confidence you need to finally clear your throat and open up.

It’s a time when you could assess your life and how you relate to others. Don’t be afraid to say what you thought and felt, by sharing your feelings, you will come closer to the people around you and your goals.




4. Pisces:

Pisces do not feel much under the new moon – they are relaxed and feel good about the way things are at work and at home. The time has come to rest, recharge and relax, don’t focus on work or other people yet.

You should enjoy a private moment alone where you can contemplate the past year and what you want in the coming year, you will experience the most traditional new moon of all.


If your sign is not on this list, remember that a little self-awareness and preparation will go a long way in protecting you during this brief astrological event. It may be a bumpy fixture for some, but if you take the time to journal or meditate, you can keep your feelings organized and safe.



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