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The Retrograde Period of May 2020 Might be Challenging for these 3 Zodiac Signs

Retrograde cycles can be daunting, especially when there is more than one retrograde planet. And while it’s safe to say that these three zodiac signs will have the worst retrograde month in May 2020, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, there is always an opportunity to change your perspective. It may be hard to believe, but retrograde cycles are not that bad.

On the contrary, if you use the retrograde periods wisely, they could prove incredibly productive. Everything happens for a reason and this is particularly true when we refer to the cosmos. Retrograde cycles are equivalent to making an impromptu U-turn after leaving something behind, and the same thing happens with celestial bodies.

Last month, Pluto, the planet of death, power, sex, and transformation, stationed retrograde in the structured sign of Capricorn and in May, three other planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, will embark on their backward journey. Saturn, the planet of limits and structure, will retrograde in Aquarius on May 11, followed by Venus the relationship-driven in Gemini on May 13 and lucky Jupiter in Capricorn on May 14.

Have you ever wondered what these incandescent lights do? For more clarity on the effects of the next retrograde cycles, do not hesitate to consult your birth chart and to check which astrological houses belong to Gemini, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Regardless of what it means to you, make sure you take this time to think about your relationships, your fundamentals, and your long-term goals.

Discover why Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn are most likely to face the most retrograde challenges this month:



Taurus: You stress over your stability and comfort

Brighten up, Taurus. You know the importance of having something stable and reliable more than anyone else, but with your governing planet in search of stability, Venus parks retrograde via your second house of money, possessions, and pleasure, which is also found be your Venusing house of rulership, you probably feel more self-conscious than usual.

And although the meaning of wealth is subjective, it is an opportunity for you to think about your finances, your spending habits, and, more importantly, your value system.

The good news is that you may discover new, eclectic ways to make a living, but you’re going to have to work at it.



Scorpio: You are in your feels, practically and personally

Nobody likes it when their governing planet stations retrograde, Scorpio. If you feel disorganized and mentally foggy, it is thanks to Pluto retrograding in your third house of communication, reflection, immediate networks, and cognitive functioning.

Do not be afraid; the universe wants you to stop, think about and reassess your daily tasks and, most importantly, your self-dialogue. Jupiter will join Pluto on its retrograde journey this month and this will intensify the effects of Pluto retrograde because Jupiter magnifies everything it touches.

How can you get the most out of it? Write down everything. Make lists. Start a journal. It is time for you to cleanse and detoxify your mind.



Capricorn: You feel less productive and are overworked

You are allowed to relax from time to time, Capricorn. While this is not necessarily the case, Pluto and Jupiter retrograding through your sign are reason enough to prepare in advance.

Venus, the planet of abundance, pleasure, and relationships, will retrograde through your sixth orderly home of health, wellness, daily rituals, and work environment, so don’t force yourself to work harder if your body tells you otherwise.

It is not only an opportunity for you to create a harmonious daily routine, but also a chance to reflect on your routine habits and your general well-being. Health is a treasure and it is time to make your peace of mind a priority.

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