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These 3 Zodiac Signs will Thrive During the Retrograde Period in May 2020

Four celestial bodies will retrograde in May, but despite the terrible expectation that accompanies each retrograde cycle, we are delighted to inform you that there is indeed a silver lining to this astrological phenomenon.

The proof is that Leo, Libra, and Aquarius are the three signs of the zodiac that will have the best retrograde month in May 2020.

On April 25, the powerful Pluto stationed retrograde in Capricorn, where it remains until it will be parked directly on October 4. In May, however, three other celestial bodies, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, will jump on the retrograde train, which means there will be four planets retrograded by the end of the month.

Structured Saturn, the planet of limits and structure, will park retrograde on May 11, followed by Lady Venus, the planet of relationships and values, on May 13, and lucky Jupiter, the planet of expansion and education superior, on May 14.

When the planets park in retrograde, they slow down, and their celestial energy increases. And while it provides an opportunity to go inside and embark on a journey of self-reflection, retrograde cycles are also known to bring back the past.

Starting something new is not suggested during this period, so be patient and give it at least a few weeks before embarking on a new journey.

Discover why Leo, Libra, and Aquarius will thrive this month, even if four planets are retrograding simultaneously:



Leo: You use your time wisely and stay productive

Reach for the stars, Leo. As the sun shines through your 10th house of public persona, figures of authority, and destiny in the world, 4 celestial bodies will retrograde in your favor.

Jupiter and Pluto will change the pace via your sixth orderly home of health, mindfulness, and daily routines while expanding your consciousness and bringing clarity to your daily rituals.

What are you working towards? Staying productive is an essential part of the success and with the help of Jupiter and Pluto, you could discover a powerful outing worthy of your time and energy.

Lady Venus retrogrades through your 11th house of teams, friends, and extensive network. This could rekindle relationships from your past that align with your hopes, wishes, and dreams.




Libra: You find in yourself strength and security

In the end, you have a nice support system, Libra. With Jupiter and Pluto retrograding into your fourth comfortable house of home, family, ancestral lineage, and emotional foundation, you finally find the courage in yourself to move forward in order to live your best life.

This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction also opposes your Midheaven, career, and authority figures, which means it could potentially play a role in your professional life and your general sense of authority.

With Venus, your governing planet, retrograde via your ninth vast house of education, travel, and entrepreneurship, you will have the opportunity to revisit past efforts and perhaps reflect on new eclectic ways of earning a living while by venturing into unknown territory.

Saturn will also retrograde through your fifth expressive house of love, creativity, and authenticity, which will help you consolidate your passionate projects and perhaps even your romantic partnerships.




Aquarius: You see through the fog and find hope

Rest and recharge those batteries, Aquarius. Jupiter and Pluto have been through your 12th secret house of karma, closure, and dreams for quite some time now and when they retrograde this month you will get a second wind and maybe even a whole new perspective on the current circumstances.

Whether you feel productive or not, Jupiter-Pluto wants you to relate to your spiritual well-being and your ability to surrender will be the priority during this retrograde cycle. Letting go isn’t supposed to be difficult, you know. The cosmos wants you to feel confident in the path of your soul in order to help you avoid over-thinking.

Venus will also retrograde through your fifth house of glory, love, and expressive creativity, which means that you will likely be able to find closure with a former lover. If that doesn’t suit you, you can also review an art project or suddenly find a new muse.




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