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The Spiritual Meaning of a Shooting Star

There is a myth that when we see a shooting star it is an opportunity to “make a wish”. And there is a good chance that this wish will come true – a belief that is generally passed on from generation to generation.

But the reality is that making a wish when you see a shooting star is not likely to fulfill your wish. Because things do not work like this in the universe.

However, this myth has some foundation. Seeing a shooting star has a real meaning – in fact, it’s the Universe that sends you a sign.

But what does this sign of the spiritual meaning of a shooting star consist of?



That one of your dreams will soon come true:

Indeed, making a wish when you see a shooting star will have no effect. However, if you see a shooting star scroll before your eyes, this indicates that one of the dreams that most interests you will soon come true.

So no need to make a wish, but simply to recognize this sign.

This could, for example, be an important project that you have developed, or a relationship that you are trying to improve.

In fact, shooting stars are messages that the universe sends us to encourage us to pursue our goal.




Contact with a spirit:

There are other reasons why we come to watch shooting stars.

Shooting stars can also be messages from people who have died. And this is usually the case when we think of a specific person when a shooting star appears.

Thinking of a loved one at this moment allows us to establish a connection and a sort of psychic connection with that person. This is meant to evoke rejoicing and awakening more to a certain reality.

When a deceased loved one wants to send you messages of hope, comfort, and encouragement, the shooting star is one of the common ways it will use.




A cosmic thrust:

The reason we have always been told to make a wish when we attend a shooting star is simple. It has an ephemeral character that allows us to think for a few seconds and make a wish.

During these few seconds, we come to discover what we really want from life. It is not a question of the needs of the physical mind, but those of the soul to enable it to make an authentic journey. So, without really having time to think about it, the soul comes to reveal itself.

This is the true gift of shooting stars and the spiritual meaning of a shooting star: “Let us discover our deepest desires in just a few seconds”.


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