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How to Have a Telepathic Connection with Your Twin Flame

The connection that unites the twin flames allows incredible psychic abilities, and one of them is the so-called telepathic touch. The telepathic touch is the ability to touch our twin flame and our twin flame to touch us, at telepathic levels at any physical distance.

To be pretty good at this, we need to practice a little; however, telepathic touch can be the perfect way to stay really close with our twin flame even when we are at a great distance.


The energy connection of the soul

Touching a twin flame telepathically and our ability to do so will depend on our connection. Each twin flame and only twin flames have such an energy connection. This connection is unbreakable and overflows with incredibly powerful and high energy when used for communication between twin flames.

Although telepathic touch can be learned without our twin flame, and without that silver cord, in fact, it will become harder in magnitude. Since telepathic touch really depends on our energy levels, we need to make sure that our connection is also quite healthy.


Preparing for the telepathic touch

Just before we try to touch our twin telepathically, we need to cleanse our aura and also be in the state of love, and only love. We can do that with a meditation on the cosmic energy, or on the healing of the chakras. We could even try meditation on the twin flames.

Before attempting telepathic contact, we must make sure that our relationship is well founded. We must forgive wrongdoing and resolve disputes just before trying this technique. When we are prepared and clean of all negative energies, and when we are in the right place with our twin flame, we can begin.


Touching our twin telepathically

First, we must find a comfortable meditation position. It has to be comfortable, quiet and in a place where nobody bothers us. After that, we should light incense and a candle to blur the space in order to clean it of negative energies, and design energy or healing crystals if we have some – especially blue or purple gemstones like amethyst and sapphire.

We must allow ourselves to fall into the state of meditation, imagining our twin flame. We must submerge ourselves in its energy, with the purpose of inhabiting it for some time. Then, we must feel what he or she will feel. We must think about the ways he or she will think. We must allow ourselves to surrender to be our twin flame completely.

After that, we should feel that we were moved. We can start with great hugs, as it will be a familiar and clear feeling. We must embrace our own body; however, we should feel it as our twin flame. While we are doing it, we must also feel the emotional aspects of touch. When we touch them comfortably, they will feel comfortable. When we touch them feeling love, they will feel loved.

The intention of the touch is important as well as what we will feel physically, and we would like to send it also to our twin flame. Developing such skills of telepathically touching our twin flame can be fun, and when we use our imagination for some time, it will open many opportunities to stay close to our twin flames even if we are far apart.

The meaning of physical contact is always underestimated unless we separate ourselves from our loved ones. If this really happens with our twin flame and with us, the telepathic touch could be the answer to our problems.

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