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The Strawberry Full Moon on June 17 will Bring Major Energy Change

This Monday, June 17, we will attend another full moon that will not disappoint us, because, at the same time, we will experience major energy changes.

While many of us begin to reap the full benefits of their labor and set them aside to mature, we should also be ready to undergo transformations, while aligning us closer to our higher selves.


It’s an excellent spiritual period.

And while it will be a great time, from a spiritual point of view, it will be more important than that. Taking place in the sign of Sagittarius, the full moon will make us feel much more adventurous and intrepid than usual.

However, it is important to keep in mind that it is important to stay focused on the present and remember everything we are grateful for.

We should take our time and think about all the projects that we started in the previous months. We should ask ourselves what are the fruits we have harvested since that time?

We should take what we have worked for and then continue to work for our full harvest.


Moreover, it is a fantastic moment to “pin down” our intentions.

What should we do in the coming months or what projects should we drop?

We must take the time necessary to clean our house and our being from clutter and negativity. We must also work more effectively to create action plans that we will take with us in the coming months.

What can we do to connect to our higher self?

This strawberry moon will encourage us to seek help with our intentions, to ensure that our fruits are ready for harvest by the end of the moon.

And taking the right steps will not change anything in getting us on track for our true transformation, or aligning with our higher selves.

This Full Moon will bring higher frequency and vibration rates into our lives. It will also help us reach higher levels of creativity if we let it help us.


This Full Moon is Dreamy – It Charges Your Intuition.

The result: you can unlock the age-old wisdom present in you.

The problem is that everything we need to know about ourselves and the world – the big puzzle – everything is present in us. We just need time to feed ourselves. The full moon brings us nourishing energy.

In addition, the full moon falls in Sagittarius. The fire sign will combine with the full moon and light up the qualities it possesses. The truth will be our goal during this month.

We will try to get out of our darkness and enter the world in a genuine way. With who we are, our luggage and everything else. The truth is not a judgment or an error, it does not blame anyone.

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It is time to reach the root of your inner soul.

There will be many areas of our lives where we will need to be authentic. Likewise, there will be areas of our life that will shine through our honesty. But it takes courage to reveal the truth.

The energy of Sagittarius lends us this courage. The fire will not let our fears imprison us anymore. We will be able to follow our fate more closely and this will allow us to enlighten ourselves without being seen.

The light of the full moon tries to lighten the fire in which we all stand. Fire is pumped with Sagittarian energy. Remember that in life, it’s up to you to follow a goal.

Trust the winds, trust the flow of energy and make the right decisions. If you have doubts about life, think about it. What should you do? Where do you think it’s going badly?


Once you have reached the target, start moving towards it.

It’s up to you to use wisdom. The full moons are about to free you – and this is especially true as the eclipse season approaches.

In July, the eclipse will be powerful. And the full moon of June tries to inform you. Prepare yourselves. Do not overlook any subtle clues that are happening around you.

If you can, try keeping a journal. Meditate. Only with a calm mind can you truly understand the truth of things. And then you can use it to guide you.

Let the full moon put you in tune with your intuition and your emotions. To harvest the energy of this Full Moon you can use this ritual: Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual June 2019 – Harvest its Powerful Energy.

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